Good food is hard to come by!3 naturalized players out of the national football Team this 12 strong tournament journey, there are 3 back

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The prospects of qualifying for China are not optimistic, but since the team started to increase the playing time of naturalized players in the first two games, it has given the fans hope that if the naturalized players are kept together, we may have a real chance to make the theoretical possibility of qualifying a reality.At present, there are a total of more than ten naturalized players in China’s football field, among which 6 are qualified for the national football Team and have strong strength.However, we have never assembled these six players before in the Chinese national football Team, and there will be 3 missing in this trip to the top 12.The midfielder is the first naturalized Player of Chinese descent to make his debut for China, having already played for the national team in the 2019 Round of 40.However, Li developed discomfort in his leg after playing for China in the round 40 last summer and was eventually diagnosed with ankle tunnel syndrome and has yet to recover from the injury.It is worth mentioning that Li Ke was suspected of faking injuries.According to yuan Ye, a football journalist, Guo ‘an’s team doctor thought Li could practice, but the player himself didn’t think he could.Li ke received a lot of criticism for this report, but now it seems that the medical team is not very good, Li Ke’s injury needs 3-6 months to recover, if he had been treated earlier he might have been able to play in the final 12.Akerson is the first naturalized non-Chinese player in China and has been with the National team in the round of 40 and 12.After China’s last round of 12 match, Akerson’s Guangzhou team suffered a financial crisis and he had to make an appointment with the club.After that, Akerson returned to Brazil to spend the Gregorian calendar year with his family, during which time he was unlucky to win the bid, thus missing the National team to Japan, Vietnam squad.According to the latest update on Akerson’s social media account, he has now recovered.But to see akesson in the Chinese team again, will have to wait until march to play Saudi Arabia.It is a great pity that Fernando missed this round of 12. He had already set off on the flight to Japan with Luo Guofu, but when he was waiting for the connecting flight, his family was suddenly reported to be ill, and he chose to return to Brazil to stay with his family after waiting in Amsterdam airport for more than 10 hours.Fernando, 28, was expected by fans as the youngest of several non-Chinese naturalized players.But his sudden request to go home so close to a match has raised concerns about his attitude to the job after disciplinary problems emerged last year.At present, with four rounds remaining in the round of 12, China is seven points behind Japan in second place and six points behind Australia in third place, and we basically have to win all the games.The absence of three naturalized players is bound to give The National football team’s fighting force caused no small impact, but at least Luo Guofu, Alan, Jiang Guangtai is back to the team, we think we have a chance to beat the Japanese team?