How to visit Your Port during Spring Festival?This guide will keep you happy throughout your vacation

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Where can I spend the Spring Festival in Guigang?Key to help you draw up contracts for you throughout the holiday joy had collected to the strategy guigang city center to create an atmosphere of festival celebrations for the year of the tiger tiger tiger is unripe brightness, zhuhai park scenic area in the city and the flowers square landscape, flower scene with zodiac tiger as the main landscape, tie-in color rich flower, Lantern Festival elements such as layout,Each theme landscape expresses different meanings of New Year wishes, creating a lively and festive Atmosphere of the New Year.With “spring” as the theme, the New Century Square has more than 1,000 square meters of flowers, with a large number of colorful flowers and lanterns and other decorations, creating a Spring Festival scene full of flowers, spring scenery and jubilation.National culture park to “spring and blessing” as the design theme, three-dimensional “spring” and “blessing” as the main attractions, with firecrackers, red lanterns, plum blossom to send New Year wishes to everyone.With the theme of “Celebrating the New Year and celebrating the New Year”, Ma Cao River Ecological Park presents the Happy Chinese New Year with Chinese knot elements.Anlan Park is an important node of yujiang style tourism route, upstream from yujiang Second Bridge, downstream ends at Luobo Bay Bridge.The scenic area consists of big south gate, Blue shore flower sea, dry pond lotus, daqin legacy, Anlan Tower and other scenic spots.Guigang Museum currently has 1,910 sets of cultural relics in its collection, with 4,672 items in total.Located in the west of Guiping city on the Tropic of Cancer, Xishan Scenic Area is a national AAAA level tourist area.A scene here can make people linger for a long time.It is a rare purifying journey and a holy land of ecological leisure.Guangxi Longtan National Forest Park is famous for “green treasure house, rare birds and animals, strange mountains and beautiful waters, misty rain and sea of clouds”.Longtan Waterfall is surrounded by vertical vermilion rock walls on three sides, with a height of 280 meters on both sides.Pingnan Xiongsen Animal World is a national AAAA level tourist attraction, covering an area of more than 1300 mu. There are more than 500 Siberian tigers, South China tigers and Bengal Tigers in the park. It is the best place to see tigers in the year of the Tiger.In addition to watching rare animals, the zoo can also enjoy circus, acrobatics and so on.Foziling Tourism and health resort is located in Foziling, Anhuai Town, Pingnan County, a national AAAA tourist attraction.It is a scenic spot integrating leisure entertainment, health vacation and cultural experience.The theme of Guigang Garden Expo Park in Gangbei district is “Ancient county with water charm, Vibrant Lotus City”. Relying on the beautiful waterfront, pastoral and wetland scenery of Lei Yue River, the expo Park makes use of the current natural terrain and water body to dig ponds on the spot and mound mountains due to the situation.The park has a variety of styles, there are many distinctive venues, is a good place to play clock.Guangxi ping mountain national forest park is the national AAAA level traveling scenic area, located in guigang city center west, is a based on the good forest ecological environment, to a large area of alpine grassland, featuring beautiful secluded valleys, with recreation, sightseeing experience, sports keeping in good health as the main function of the China national forest park.District mountain tourism scenic area, 3000 mu of rape quietly bloomed, scarecrow art is different image of interest dye-in-the-wood festival walk the mountainside flowers and birds world “winter jasmine flower market” thick life breath, the festival festival atmosphere has been tightly wrap you tonggu bay port tonggu bay hot spring spa is located in the south bridge ChangTang dongshanwei town village, covers an area of 760 mu,It is a comprehensive hot spring resort integrating tourism, leisure, entertainment, health and sports.Qintang District Hemei Qintang Lake beautiful four seasons pastoral complex in the garden art museum, you can intuitively feel the high-tech of modern agriculture.In the amusement park, there are merry-go-round, small train, automatic control plane, shaking head flying chair, ferris wheel, bouncing cloud, etc., can let everyone enjoy their own happiness.At homi Zoo, you can interact closely with lions, brown bears, monkeys, sika deer, crocodiles and alpacas.In the sea of flowers in the four seasons, you can take beautiful photos of the picturesque bougainvillea, red as fire, pink as rosy clouds.Guigang Botanical Garden, guigang Botanical Garden, located in qintang Forest farm, Qintang District, 358 National Road, only 11 kilometers away from the city, convenient transportation.The botanical garden relies on The Qintang Forest Farm to build a regional comprehensive botanical garden integrating biodiversity protection, natural science research, breeding and production, natural knowledge popular science education, ecological leisure tourism and other five functions.Guigang’s fourth “Taste of Lotus City” food contest has finally selected 20 “popular specialty food” food photos.These authentic delicacies of Your city, you have not eaten a few of the selection activities, the city’s award of 14 businesses, you can go to the shop to try:(in no particular order) guigang whole roast goose wedding breakfast shops guigang city four seasons phoenix cinemas phoenix shops guigang MengWei town guigang city yue fu sheng remember hotel banquet restaurant guigang Chinese redbud town jingshan mountains family farm guigang milk well fook lam moon restaurant guigang port South Korea master pastry factory guigang port north yue rong liquor stores (tea haitang) guigang city solid color booth port north gansu tao yu zhuang zhuang guigang citySeven elder sister authentic Chinese redbud flavor restaurant guigang port north, a cafe king pigeon farm WangHuTing culture farm this lunar New Year holiday your port surprises come to experience the most strong festival atmosphere ~ content sources ▍ gug culture sports tourism and your port of radio, film and television publicity photo ▍ Zheng Wenhong Chen Rongling Qing-jie zhang Luo Ying Huang Qianqian Beam is Yin-juan huang Qi-qi zhu Li chengFeng Yugui, Yao LAN, Yang Huimin, editor, Yang Zhe, editor, produced, Guigang City culture, radio, television, sports and tourism Bureau, Guigang Daily