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From January 1 to 2, 2022, Yang Mingxin, the Confucian classic public welfare course, will be held in Shanghai Chengde Academy.After class, many students benefited a lot and shared their learning experience.This article is shared by Li Yaping, and is published here for the benefit of the public.For a long time, I have always been puzzled about whether life is a series of trifles, such as “firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea”, a tangle of love and hate, such as “love wants to live, evil wants to die”, or the impermanence of “misfortune depends on happiness, happiness lies under misfortune”.For what do we rush and work endlessly every day?What is the meaning of marriage and family?Where is the value and meaning of life when you come in naked and go out empty-handed?In two days of public welfare class, I found the answers to these questions.It turns out that our ultimate mission in life is unconditional sanctification, because our heart is our ultimate destination.We come from eternal life, from the nature of truth, goodness and beauty.But we have turned away from life for too long, away from the true, the good and the beautiful for too long, we are confused by external things, lose sight of our own heart, resulting in constant troubles, always feel uneasy in the heart, adrift.The Confucian sages have long taught us that we should do holy time in our daily life, and take every thing in our work, study and life as an opportunity to adjust our heart, practice our heart and become aware of our heart, so as to realize moral (life) awakening!Confucianism pays attention to human relations and advocates active entry into the world, but it does not stop at ethics and morality. Confucianism advocates the attainment of learning and the nature of learning, and its purpose is to guide us to return to the nature of mind.In the Book of Filial Piety, it is written: “The parents dare not damage the body, hair and skin, which is the beginning of filial piety.To be a doer, to be famous in later generations, to show parents, filial piety also.”Confucianism attaches great importance to filial piety. In the process of practicing filial piety, we should take good care of our body (not be obsessed with and obsessed with the body), live up to the gift of our parents, regard the body as the carrier of practicing morality, and finally “stand up for deeds and make a name for ourselves in the later generations to show our parents”.This is the practice of filial piety.The practice of filial piety belongs to the lower school, in this process to complete the upper reach, to achieve the nature of the day.Confucian filial piety is really good, wonderful zai!Confucian scholars should finally move towards the awakening of life, the cause of learning and the fruit of learning.Our inner thoughts, all the external life experience, all the five relations, all these belong to the lower school.If we learn the Confucian philosophy and know how to use it to realize our knowledge and sincerity internally, and to cultivate, equalize, govern and equalize externally, we can achieve enlightenment, let our mind constantly manifest, and finally learn to reach heaven and return to our eternal home.Therefore, when we meet difficulties, we should know that it is the time to adjust our heart, and face them without complaining or fear.”The Doctrine of the Mean” said: “The way is not far from people, people for the way and far away from people, do not think of the way.Through this study, I know to stand on the road, grinding on things, through the heart, heart refining, heart.As long as I live, I will continue to learn holy learning, and I will continue to do holy Time until I reach the nature of nature and return to the nature of light.I believe, as long as the heart to the bright can not fear the cold, let the storm come more violent!National curriculum information pay attention to the “Oriental Life Research Institute” wechat public account, in the bottom of the public account menu bar “new Sinology” – “Yangmingxin to public welfare courses” query yangmingxin to public welfare courses all over the country.Course link: Confucian classic public welfare lesson – Yangming Heart to the national course information welcome to the nearby, welcome to recommend friends to participate!More wonderful sharing (click the blue word “link” to enter the view) “Yang Ming heart to” public welfare class learning experience summary “link” more wonderful content (click the blue word below enter the link to view the wonderful video) The new era of Yang Ming heart: the first episode of the new era of Yang Ming heart:Second link “< middle > heart to published (click on the above blue words can be read) focus on” civilization in the “store, can buy to buy the < middle > heart to single book or new traditional Chinese classic books (including the < middle > heart to) all copyright belongs to the author, image copyright belongs to the Oriental institute of all life,If you need to reprint, please contact the background to obtain authorization, welcome to forward.For more selected articles, public welfare videos and course information, please follow our wechat official account: Oriental Life Research Institute.Please pay attention to the headline of the series of Mr. Lin Pan’s latest book: Oriental Life Research Institute.