Moved by them and healed by them

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Directed by Wen Muye, starring Jackson Yi, and with the production team of The God of Medicine, “Miracle” has been full of expectations from the moment it started shooting.After half a year, the paper finally appeared in front of the audience.Hardly surprisingly, none of them disappoint.Whether it is the narration of the story, the expression of emotion, or the integrity of the overall production, it is worth savoring.The story of “Miracle” takes place in Shenzhen in 2012, an era of rapid rise, opportunities everywhere, and any miracle is possible.Jing Ho, who is only 20 years old, is played by Jackson Yi.After his mother died of a heart attack, he had to shoulder the burden of the family’s livelihood.Rented a small shop, the main mobile phone repair, income is not high, still calculate barely make ends meet.But fate is strange, his only relative, only six and a half years old young sister, also inherited his mother’s congenital heart disease.The high cost of the operation, the remaining time, all the pressure on this but only 20 years old boy.By chance, he can make a handsome return.But the stakes are high and the process is extremely difficult.Success, of course, everyone is happy, but if you fail, your sister’s illness has no cure, and you will owe a lot of debt.This big gamble, Jing Hao has no way out, he can only put all his eggs in one basket.From then on his life was like an ant living in a window, constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul.In order to make money, he don’t face, risk his life, but the harvest is ruthless white eyes and fate.Even when everyone advised him to give up, he kept his foot on the gas.Even though everyone despised him, he never bowed to fate.Be discriminated against diploma, he will go back without hesitation;Being despised, he cursed back with confidence;More ambition and drive than any fancy resume.I have to say that Jackson Yi is very suitable for this role, he has the tension of youth, but also full of the vicissitudes of this age.Growing pain, unwilling to yield to the stubborn struggle, in his eyes, everything is appropriate and good.Sister Jing Tong, played by small actress Chen Harin.Jackson yi and Harlin have been working together for the second time since they first met on a variety show in 2017.Perhaps it was because of their familiarity at the time that they behaved as if they were siblings.Jing Hao is just like a big parent. He takes good care of his sister, takes care of her daily life, and picks her up to and from school. He is not only attentive and gentle as his mother, but also warm and secure as his father.Sister natural clever sensible, brother tired down in the car, she will help wipe down the saliva;She would caress his cheek as he sat by his bed;Brother injured, she will be full of blame, care, but also silently help brother medicine;Loving siblings are always so easy to crack.It seems that no matter how much sad experience, as long as home, see a distressed eyes, get a caring action, it is enough.All the pain, can heal in this second, all the pain, but also completely in this moment.Wen Muye, as always, continues to focus on the most ordinary little people with ordinary perspective.Grass roots are often the most vitality, the most vigorous.They may be forced by life, but they never give up and try to live all the time.So did the brother and sister, and so did the Miracle Team.Tian Yu plays Uncle Liang, a nursing home worker.Liang Bo and his wife have no children all their lives, two people often help Jinghao brother and sister.Jinghao to do factory, the first thought is to ask Uncle Liang to help.Two people together to find a venue, bargaining, cleaning up, hiring staff…He was jing Hao’s strongest support when he started his business, and to some extent, filled in the absence of a father figure when Jing Hao was growing up.Under the efforts of two people, “miracle team” formally assembled.But with limited funds, the quality of the “squads” is a headache.Struggle to children alone, because the ear broken, single mother insisted on to employers, a loner, make friends and dog, malicious words few fighters Zhang Longhao, has lived in the Internet bar, will only get to the Internet, but for the sake of Liu Hengzhi love to regain confidence in life, and have been unemployed, three days two days a fishing net juck…And slow-moving grandparents who just watch.At the beginning, their work ability is low, the project progress is slow, but also everywhere trouble, just like scattered sand.But after a fight, they trust more.They are also more united after time of suffering.In just three months, they grew up quickly and became trusted colleagues, but also comrades fighting side by side.It can be seen that everyone in the “Miracle Team” is ordinary, ordinary, unskilled, and even “weird” in the eyes of the public.The story of each of them is full of wind and rain and helplessness, but it is because they are little people, it is more vivid and real.”Miracle” is not a traditional New Year’s film. It is more like a fairy tale depicting happiness, with laughter and tears.With realistic themes as the breakthrough point, it reflects the background and characteristics of The Times from individual destiny.But compared with depicting pain, it focuses more on the ordinary and warmth.The characters in the movie, they also reflect us.Most of us, like the “dumb kids” of the movie’s title, don’t have a golden finger, let alone a hanging life.Although the process is difficult, but please believe that god will not disappoint those who work hard, every miracle is the fruit of struggle.The New Year, to create their own miracle.Give life a hug and give the “dumb kid” a round of applause.I believe that everyone who walks into the cinema will have tears in their eyes and be successfully cured.