New rules banning eating, drinking and electronic devices on buses and trams finally have a reason to stop them

2022-07-18 0 By

Buses and trams as a traffic tool, carrying large Numbers of people go off work to travel to work every day, but it belongs to public space, there are a lot of people like to eat on the bus and tram, sometimes enlarged electronic equipment sound great, it is not civilized behavior, we can only is a bitter could not say, is not good to stop.It’s great, we can have a good reason to stop these uncivilized behavior, Shanghai traffic administration issued new regulations, new rules shall come into force in December 2021, 28 days, will expire on December 27, 2026 during the passengers on the bus and tram ban on eating and outside sound of electronic equipment, any citizen has the right to stop this uncivilized behavior,And report it to the driver.But this rule prohibits eating and drinking, and applies to anyone except infants and patients.So the question comes, many netizens said, many children do not listen to him, and there are old people do not understand the new rules, do not obey the new rules, then what to do, respect the old and love the young first, or rules first?Each new rule is bound to be the idea of the majority of people, so in the face of the above special circumstances, it will take a long time to change, if you are afraid of trouble, or the offender does not listen to persuade, to report to the driver and the crew, they will dissuade.At present, this new regulation is only fully implemented in Shanghai, but I believe that all major cities will soon be implemented, which is very garbage classification is now implemented in Shanghai, and then quickly into the major cities.So, we can finally have a legitimate reason to stop these uncivilized bus behavior.