People with high blood pressure, observe more fingers, if not 3 different, may be far from your cerebral infarction

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Hypertension is now a common chronic disease in clinical practice. It is not only a patent disease of the middle-aged and elderly, but also a phenomenon of some young people, which is also known as the “silent killer”.Hypertension will harm cerebrovascular health, block blood circulation, and cause certain pressure on the inner wall of blood vessels. If not controlled in time, blood pressure will continue to rise, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease and cerebral apoplexy, and posing a certain threat to life and health.According to research, the probability of death due to high blood pressure in Korea is about 25 percent, which means that one out of five people who die of high blood pressure is one person with high blood pressure, but about 3 million people die of high blood pressure.It can be seen that hypertension seriously endangers people’s life and health.What are the symptoms caused by a continuous increase in blood pressure?1, blood vessel blockage if the blood pressure continues to rise will lead to the inner wall of the blood vessels become more fragile, but also make the blood vessels become small and narrow, easy to block blood circulation, thrombosis, thus forming blood vessel blockage, if the blockage occurs in the heart is easy to cause myocardial infarction, occurs in the brain will lead to cerebral thrombosis.2, atrial fibrillation, if the increasing of blood pressure in human body, can cause atrial fibrillation, if not timely control of blood pressure, can cause the brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, blood vessel lesions May 3, hardening of the arteries in general health of blood vessels is elastic, and the lining is smooth, the blood flow freely,It allows fresh blood and oxygen to flow to the tissues of the body, but it can make the lining of the blood vessels more fragile if it needs to be increased continuously.In this case, it will lead to increasing pressure on the inner wall of arterial blood vessels, which is prone to atherosclerosis, causing hypertension complications, and harming people’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.What are the causes of hypertension?In fact, the cause of hypertension is actually two kinds, one is congenital primary hypertension, the other is secondary hypertension.1, congenital cause hypertension that are genetic relationships with family, about 80% of the people in the clinical medicine is of primary hypertension, especially in adulthood, the standard of high blood pressure will be more and more obvious, mood swings, or do not pay attention to diet, have may lead to increased blood pressure, dizziness and other physical discomfort.2. Secondary hypertension has less probability of occurrence, which is generally about 20% risk. If it is caused by chronic diseases, kidney problems, renal artery stenosis, adrenal hyperplasia and other cell tumors, it may cause hypertension problems.In addition, there are some accidental factors that may cause a person’s blood pressure to continue to rise, such as taking too much stimulating food, abnormal mood fluctuations, hot and cold weather may lead to high blood pressure.1, finger swelling hypertension is easy to lead to heart failure, and even the formation of hypertension, heart disease, so patients will appear swollen finger phenomenon, and the heart can store blood for us, transport oxygen and blood.When there is a problem with heart function, or heart failure, it can lead to a delay in blood flow to the arteries, which can lead to blood pooling in the veins, and fingers can become abnormally swollen.2. Prominent blood vessels on the fingers If the blood in the body continues to rise, it will lead to abnormal protrusion of blood vessels, which is the most common phenomenon in clinical medicine.This is because after the abnormal increase in blood pressure, the pressure in the inner wall of blood vessels will continue to increase, and some blood vessels will dilate or dilate, which will make the surface of the blood vessels slowly bulge.Secondly, if it is arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis, when the blood pressure increases, the blood vessels will expand more severely, the resilience will be reduced, easy to bulge up, and cannot get down for a long time.3, finger numbness experts point out that: if the blood pressure in the body continues to rise, it will lead to finger numbness. This is because the brain tissue has oxygen and blood shortage for a long time, which will lead to more fragile nerves and more prone to finger numbness.On the other hand, high blood pressure will reduce the blood supply capacity of the arm, and the lack of oxygen in the arm will also cause some numbness.If you find that you often experience numbness in your fingers, it may be a warning that your blood pressure is up and that you should take blood pressure medication and actively adjust your diet to improve the numbness in your fingers.It is important to note that if hypertensive patients have normal blood pressure but frequent finger numbness, it may be appropriate to consider whether neuropathy or finger numbness in patients with other unstable angina pectoris.To sum up, preventing hypertension is a long process. We not only need to take antihypertensive drugs on time, but also need to correct our eating habits and living habits to relieve our pressure, which is very effective for blood pressure control.Here to remind everyone to effectively control blood pressure, must give up cigarettes and alcohol, ensure adequate rest, adhere to appropriate exercise, more conducive to stable blood pressure, maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.04 health extension: how to effectively prevent cerebral infarction?1, eat less food containing high fat content suggested that we should actively adjust their eating habits in life, eat less high-calorie, high-fat food, can effectively prevent hypertension and hyperlipidemia, for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular can help, can reduce the risk of cerebral infarction to a certain extent.2, actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment for primary diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, this kind of chronic disease will have harmful cerebrovascular health, also can increase the risk of suffering from cerebral infarction at the same time, we must pay attention to follow the doctor’s orders together, take medication on time, to enhance their physical quality, more effective prevention of cerebral infarction.3, pay attention to keep warm, especially in winter, the weather is extremely cold, the stimulation of blood pressure is not small, we should wear more clothes when the weather is cold, avoid severe vasoconstriction, and then warm when the blood vessel dilation is serious, easy to lead to increased blood pressure in the body and cause cerebral hemorrhage.4, appropriate exercise, especially for sedentary people, the lack of exercise in the body will affect blood circulation, the formation of blood vessel blockage, but also reduce the metabolic ability of the body’s tissues.It is recommended that we take half an hour to an hour every day for proper aerobic exercise, which can increase the oxygen content in the body, promote blood circulation, and more effectively protect the health of the heart and cerebrovascular vessels so that they stay away from cerebral infarction.This is the end of today’s sharing, you can test yourself according to the above mentioned three abnormal questions, how many of you hope you have none.If you have any other effective ways to reduce high blood pressure, you can also share them in the comments section, so that more people can benefit.Healthy New Year