A trick is hard to find?The prosecutor explains the “Ice Dadden Dadden” scam

2022-07-19 0 By

Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” has sparked a wave of buying, resulting in a “dwen” difficult to obtain.However, criminals also come to rub off on the heat of the implementation of online fraud.On February 19, Lu Yu, director of the First Procuratorial Department of weiyang District Procuratorate, explained in detail the recent “Bing Dwen Dwen” buying spree caused by fraud cases, to remind everyone to be alert to such fraud means.Recently, Mr. Liu in Jiangsu met a net friend who claimed to be an employee of an art company. The other party recommended three sets of Winter Olympics souvenirs, such as Olympic commemorative badges, and said they were of great collection value.Mr. Liu transferred 38,000 yuan to the other party to buy the souvenir. After receiving the souvenir, he found that the quality was not good and the invoice was not normal. After several attempts to return the souvenir, he found that the company had been cancelled.Lu Yu, a prosecutor with weiyang District Procuratorate, explained, “Most of these scams, which have caught on with the Winter Olympics, fall into two categories. One is’ shoddy ‘souvenirs, which are not worth collecting, to swindling large sums of money.The other is’ empty-handed white Wolf ‘, just in the guise of ‘Winter Olympics souvenirs’, after receiving the transfer of the shield disappeared.”In addition to the kind of fraud Mr. Liu encountered, recently, taking advantage of the Heat of the Winter Olympics, some places have also appeared fake official websites for fraud cases.Lu Yu said criminals through false Olympic official website setup, on a web site for the so-called “lucky draw” ‘games souvenir gifts and other activities, lure for online registration, swindlers already on the site of implantation hack trojans or viruses, if citizens in accordance with the path of the operation site and will fall into swindlers trap, lead to personal information leakage,Money was even transferred from bank cards.Still have in order to enterprise name launch false win prize information, for instance in those who hold in their company welcome winter Olympic Games to return in lottery activity, you get the bonus of how many yuan, if you receive such ‘win prize’ information, must not be credulous.If believed to be true contact with the other side, the other side will need to deposit, pay postage, taxes and other excuses, fraudulent remittance.In accordance with previous scams, criminals may also take advantage of the people’s special feelings for the Winter Olympics, by fabricating fake touching stories or an athlete’s family’s poor background in need of financial support, etc., to defraud citizens of sympathy, and in the form of ‘online fundraising’ to defraud money.In addition, every major event, there will be a red envelope named athletes celebrate, but after opening it, it is prompted to share the red envelope link to two different wechat groups to receive, according to the prompt operation, the money in the red envelope still has not arrived in the account.Lu Yu said that the so-called “need to share to receive a red envelope” is usually carried out some forged into WeChat Lucky Money malicious means of marketing, publishers to use send “red envelope” to attract users forwarding, actually except for criminals increases the transmission volume, the user will not get any benefits, also easy to cause personal information leakage, even result in property damage.In view of the above mentioned methods of fraud, prosecutors remind you that for all kinds of lottery activities related to the Winter Olympic Games, it is best to log in the official website of the Winter Olympic Games or to the authority to verify.Encounter need to pay in advance “advance payment” “deposit” “poundage” and other circumstances, the possibility of fraud is great, must not be credulous.In addition, do not easily click unidentified links and web pages, do not easily disclose their identity information, deposit information and bank card information on the Internet.Once you find out that you have been cheated, you must dial 110 or go to the police station to report it in the first place.Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Yang Chunyan