All is my way!This is the explorer’s flagship path!

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This winter, we have enjoyed the beautiful snow scenery on the vast land, danced with Tibetan antelope in the white snow, and climbed higher with other explorers to break the ice and uncover the mystery of the unknown……The sixth generation of Ford Explorers, along with us all the way, to help us break through the obstacles, the pursuit of those forgotten, unknown legends!The sixth generation of explorers, 80 years of SUV founder status, 30 years of flagship road, far beyond your vision of the large flagship SUV interpretation of the “iron monster” domineer and wild!Now order the sixth generation of Ford Explorer, harvest “high value”, C-NCAP (Chinese new Car evaluation procedures) “five-star” standard and IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) “Safe choice” standard authority certification good car!Up to 12,000 yuan replacement subsidy ① enjoy 36 0 interest rate financial program ②* Activity time: March 1, 2022 – March 31, first buy, first serve.The rights and interests of this event are not shared with other Ford Mall events.(1) Driving to enjoy replacement gift, that is, replacement subsidies: for limited license cities (including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan), replacement to enjoy 12,000 yuan of replacement subsidies, different cities corresponding replacement subsidies are different.② Enjoy financial gift, namely financial plan: 36 0 interest rate financial plan can enjoy a financial discount of 13,000 YUAN.* The above loan products are provided by many financial institutions in cooperation with Changan Ford. Customers can choose financial institutions to apply for loans independently.* Contact your local distributor for details.The sixth generation Of Ford Explorer, with a unique short front suspension long wheelbase design, to create 5075mm*2004mm*1778mm golden proportion of the Great body, its 3025mm long wheelbase brings nearly 6 square meters of large cabin space, at a glance, “land luxury yacht” both visual sense!Hexagonal shield type front grille, for the domineer add texture;Double waist line dynamic design, aesthetic style and body integration;Pirelli Scorpion Zero (275/45 R21) Large size, high quality Pirelli Scorpion Zero (275/45 R21)Inheriting ford’s strict quality, endowing the sixth generation of Ford explorers with unshakable confidence!In order to make the journey no longer boring, the loading of intelligent technology is naturally essential.The sixth-generation Ford Explorer is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD digital instrument panel and a 12.8-inch color touch screen to provide clear vehicle information.With Danish B&O high-end audio, let the journey follow the heart and burning;With a panoramic skylight covering 1.1㎡, you can have a panoramic view of the scenery along the way;With the updated SYNC?+ Zhixing information entertainment system, its AI intelligence based on Baidu’s powerful database can easily recognize more than 70 kinds of speech semantics, realizing voice control of 8 functions including service, entertainment, intelligent navigation, communication, car temperature, seat, atmosphere light and smart home interconnection, so that driving full of temperature;2+2+2/3 seat configuration, more let domestic consumers harvest “satisfaction”!At the same time, the SYNC?+ system will be equipped with Ford’s first visual virtual artificial intelligence assistant — “Ford Blue Friend”!The classic blue energy ring image is full of dynamic and technological sense, which can help drivers to complete information query, control and operate the car body system and other functions. Meanwhile, it can also constantly learn your preferences, understand what you want through your facial expressions, and use different personification facial expressions to match different driving scenes, which is your intimate companion.In addition, there is AAR intelligent Xinfeng system, which can reset the pop-up reminder of filter element directly on the interface of the car and the car, and with the PM2.5 air purification system in the car, real-time monitoring of the air quality index in the car, real-time intelligent switch, restore the “forest oxygen bar”, the air in the car is fresher.Even in the land of ice and snow, you can breathe fresh air inside the car and make driving more comfortable!The sixth generation Ford Explorer is a leader in intelligent driving. The whole system is equipped with L2 Level Ford Co-Pilot 360TM Intelligent driving assistance system, which integrates iACC full speed intelligent adaptive cruise control system (with automatic following and speed limit recognition function), ESA emergency steering assistance system, TSR intelligent traffic identification system and other intelligent driving assistance configuration.The vehicle is equipped with 20 radars and cameras. Through LC intelligent navigation assistance system, the vehicle can keep center cruise in 0-180km/h at full speed, and keep a safe distance with the car in front, which can adapt to various driving scenarios!Inheriting ford track genes, the sixth-generation Ford Explorer adopts a first-generation CD6 longitudinal rear-drive platform to achieve straight-line power transmission. Equipped with the “double top ten” power — the fourth-generation 2.3TECoboost engine, matched with the new 10AT transmission, 276 horsepower and 425N·m peak torque achieve the track passion of breaking the speed of 7.6s!The new 50:50 balance weight of front and rear axles achieves a turning radius of 5.9m. The precise driving control comparable to that of coupes brings a more comfortable and secure driving experience!Super 1700MPa cold quenched Martensitic steel poured into a high strength cage body, reduce the weight of the body, for your safety escort at the same time, the movement and maneuverability further accurate!The unique terrain management system of the sixth generation Ford Explorer makes any driving situation easy to control!The six driving modes of standard, economy, sport, anti-skid, snow and sand, and rough road will automatically switch according to the current road conditions and the intention of the owner, bringing more excellent vehicle passability under all-weather and multi-scene, making the journey more enjoyable!Life is all about adventure. Everyone is a good explorer, but don’t limit yourself to what you already have.This time, with the sixth generation of explorers, to express with action, to add a different color to the story of life, to master the next section of life!Life story, waiting for an explorer to show up!(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)