Beijing has issued a blue alert for strong winds, with gusts of force 8 or 9 in mountainous areas tomorrow.Qingming festival sweep the first peak sunrise line, these need to pay attention to

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On March 25, the municipal meteorological Observatory issued a blue alert for strong winds.It is expected that the north wind will be stronger tomorrow, with gusts of force 8 or 9 in mountainous areas.In addition, Beijing will usher in the Qingming Festival tomorrow peak day, when and where traffic congestion?How do I book a memorial sweep?A penny to know!Beijing (CNS) — The municipal meteorological Observatory will issue a blue warning signal for strong wind at 15:20 on March 25, 2022: It is expected that from 14:00 to 23:00 on March 26, there will be about level 4 northerly winds in most areas of the city, with gusts of 6 and 7, and gusts of 8 and 9 in mountainous areas. Please take precautions.City meteorological station tomorrow day gusty wind is larger according to the weather in Beijing, affected by the cold air, tomorrow (26) during the day Beijing has four or so northerly wind, gusty wind is larger, go out please pay attention to wind and fire prevention, away from billboards and other temporary structures, prevent falling objects, pay attention to safety.According to the latest meteorological data analysis, due to the joint influence of cold air and rainy weather, the temperature will drop to about 10℃ on 29th, please pay close attention to the forecast in time, adjust clothes reasonably according to the weather changes, and beware of catching a cold.Beijing will usher in the Tomb Sweeping Festival peak tomorrow, and traffic control will be imposed around some mausoleum sites.The qingming Festival this year, the peak days of the city’s worship for March 26, 27, April 3, 4, 5, a total of five days.Beijing traffic management department has added 226 traffic maintenance and distribution posts to roads around the city’s cemeteries, and traffic control will be timely adopted around some of the cemeteries in Shijingshan and Haidian.This weekend marks the first festival of the year!Traffic around some of the mausoleum will be controlled in due course.When and where are the traffic jams?How do I book a memorial sweep?Safe travel in windy weather Tips Windy weather brings some safety hazards to daily travel.What are the risks of windy weather?How to protect personal travel?This travel precautions, friends must read carefully!Warning that the wind may bring these risks ● Dilapidated houses, sheds, temporary buildings, walls, billboards and other easy to blow down.● Pole and high voltage tower are blown down and damaged, resulting in power failure or fire.● Can overturn the vehicle or make it out of control and stop.● Avoid the narrow passage between tall buildings when walking or cycling, because the narrow passage will form the “narrow tube effect”, the wind will increase in the passage, which brings certain dangers to pedestrians.● Be careful of falling objects businesses and shops to check whether their advertising plaque is firm, residents to consciously clean up the items on the balcony, to prevent items from being blown down by the wind, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to themselves and others.It is best to park far away from trees, billboards, tall buildings, etc.When going out, do not clingy aging building or place the residential building that has sundry to walk, lest produce accident.Caution driving visibility is reduced in windy weather, drivers should concentrate when driving, pay close attention to the movement of pedestrians, do not suddenly accelerate, decelerate, turn, and other vehicles to keep farther than usual distance.If you drive a freight vehicle, the goods loaded on the vehicle should be tied up firmly to prevent being blown away or scattered by the wind, but also to prevent items on the vehicle from falling and injuring pedestrians.Try to close the window glass to prevent dust from flying into the cab to affect driving.● Use your bicycle as little as possible. Riding sideways in windy weather can cause you to be knocked down and injured.At the same time, when riding or crossing the road, we should keep the principle of looking long and slow.● Go out to do a good job of protection should pay attention to wear masks, gauze and other dustproof products, so as to avoid dust damage to the eyes and respiratory system.When you go out, you must pay attention to windproof and dustproof. You must pay attention to windproof and dustproof