Car min Kui hand wipe podium can wash?The interview is provocative!Korean media: This is the way to prank

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Gao Tingyu of China won the men’s 500-meter speed skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 34.32 seconds, followed by Cha Min-kyu of South Korea with the silver in 34.39 seconds and Japan’s Shigehang Mori with the bronze in 34.49 seconds.China is the whole country jubilation, and South Korea for Car min Kui feel sorry, many South Korean netizens feel to 0.07 seconds of the gap missed the gold medal.After the game Car min Kui is also a face of not happy, he is four years ago in Pyeongchang is the silver medal, four years later he is still the silver medal, he has begun to provoke Gao Tingyu in the interview after the game, he said: “I have a little mistake, it is a pity, but I am in a good mood.”Such expression also said he was in a good mood, but also said he was a mistake to lose, car min kui was speechless.More speechless still in the back, into the podium, car min Kui on the stage before wiping the podium with his hand, this is feel the podium is dirty?In the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, the Canadian team used this gesture to protest against the dark curtain of South Korea. Canadian media also criticized South Korea for relying on black whistle and small moves to win the gold medal.Cha min-kyu satirizes the Beijing Olympics with the same gesture this time?A few things to say about the South Korean team that made the world gag the most at these Winter Olympics: 1.The South Korean team says the food in the Village is greasy and unpalatable, and the Korean media has exaggerated domestic reports, while athletes from the United States, Japan and Sweden have insisted in interviews back home that the food in the Village is delicious.2. Hwang Dae-heon was disqualified for overtaking in the men’s 1,000-meter short-track speed skating event. Hwang suggested that the referee was biased in favor of the Chinese team, and taunted the Chinese team after winning the 1,500-meter event.3. Cui Minjing lost the women’s 1,000m event to The Dutch great Schuerting, who broke the world record in the quarterfinals. Korean media even believed that Schuerting violated Cui Minjing to win the women’s 1,000m event.Car min kui appeared so bad behavior, and then think of the South Korean team’s various provocation behavior, South Korean media SBS also shy to car min kui whitewash, they wrote: this is a prank on the podium, car min kui or laugh at the award ceremony.Is this a prank?Do Koreans have no faces?By Yan Xiaobai