HUBLOT became a partner in the Polar Pod expedition

2022-07-19 0 By

To further boost Hublot’s Xplorations programme, the Swiss luxury watchmaker has entered into a new partnership with the Polar Pod expedition.The polar Capsule is the brainchild of French explorer and environmentalist Etienne, who was the first person to reach the North Pole alone.The zero-emission “Polar module” will carry out research missions in the Southern Ocean known as the Furious Fifties, also known for the stormy seas that are common.The Polar Module is a 100-metre-high (80-metre-deep) research tower with 150 tonnes of ballast to ensure stability. It is designed to be able to cope with sea conditions in any weather.Instead of an engine, the Polar module is powered by six wind turbines that allow it to drift and sail with the Antarctic circumpolar current.The project is in line with Hublot’s “Exploration programme”, which has three core areas: Space exploration — designing parts for robotic probes made by the Space X Exomars Martian;Earth Conservation – supporting SORAI, a charity that protects rhinos and other endangered animal species;Ocean exploration — from the Anticythere movement pioneered by Hublot to the polar Module expedition led by Etienne and fully supported by Hublot.This cooperation strengthens hublot’s brand image of actively practicing corporate social responsibility, and at the same time continues the brand heritage in the maritime field, marking a natural trace back to the origin of the brand.Today, Hublot takes genuine pride in supporting scientific research through this programme of human, scientific and social significance.