Naiman Banner protects the legitimate rights and interests of the subject of property rights involved

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We will strengthen oversight of case-filing and investigation activities.We will strengthen supervision over criminal case filing activities, focus on supervision over the interference of investigative organs in economic disputes by criminal means, selective law enforcement and other problems that impair the equal protection of property rights, and intensify supervision and correction of problems such as lax law enforcement and unfair justice.We will strengthen oversight of investigative activities, implement the system for handling cases, including the elimination of illegal evidence, and resolutely correct illegal acts in investigation, such as extorting confessions by torture, obtaining evidence illegally, failing to arrest or prosecute, abusing compulsory measures, and improperly sealing, detaining, and freezing property.Investors, producers, business operators and professional and technical personnel of organizations under various forms of ownership who are arrested on suspicion of crimes shall earnestly perform the duty of examining the necessity of custody, and if it is found that custody is no longer necessary, they shall be released according to law or the compulsory measures shall be changed.13.We will strengthen oversight over criminal trials and criminal enforcement.We will strengthen supervision over criminal trials, focusing on cases in which judgments or rulings have made mistakes in the determination of facts, acceptance of evidence and application of law. We will have the courage to supervise, be good at supervision, and conduct supervision in accordance with the law and in accordance with the law, and appeal in accordance with the law to cases that meet statutory conditions.To strengthen the supervision of criminal enforcement activities, the key supervision on property cases effective judgment or order of enforcement activities, found in the process of execution of property punishment, the people’s court shall not perform, should not be executed and, illegal disposal of the person subjected to execution or an outsider property violation of property rights such as illegal situation, corrective opinions shall be in accordance with the law, to ensure that the property punishment execution in place.The right to appeal of all types of property rights shall be protected in accordance with the law, and the right to obtain commutation of sentence shall be prevented from being restricted or deprived due to appeal.Investors of private enterprises who commit crimes shall be protected in accordance with the law to exercise their property rights and other civil rights while serving their sentences.