CCTV live broadcast today!Sun Yingsha impact final tickets, China ping singles today and 2 people out

2022-07-20 0 By

On March 15, Beijing time, the ItTF Singapore Grand Slam is underway.At present, individual 16 strong list has been released.Guo Ping, singles 16 people participated, 11 people advanced to the round of 16, Lin Gaoyuan, Lin Shidong, Xiang Peng, Chen Xingtong, Kuaiman and other five people were eliminated.Among them, Chen Xingtong and kuaiman are lost to teammates, and Lin Gaoyuan, To peng, Lin Shidong are lost to foreign association players.Welcome to the good news today, CCTV will start the full live broadcast today. At 2:00 PM today, CCTV will live broadcast the third round of singles of Singapore Grand Slam.7:00 p.m., the third round singles match continues live.For the fans, finally can enjoy the table tennis feast.Today, China Ping singles have two civil war, respectively Olympic champion Ma Long versus Wang Chuqin, grain player He Zhuojia versus Olympic champion Chen Meng.Such words, also means that the country ping singles today and 2 people were eliminated.Talking about the match against Ho, Olympic champion Chen Meng said that she hasn’t played against Ho for a long time, and she hopes she can play some technical and tactical style.Wang Chuqin and Ma Long are not only teammates of the national team, or Beijing teammates, they are also very familiar with each other.In today’s other matches, Fan Zhendong takes on South Korea’s Ahn Jae-hyun, who is so explosive that he often makes up for his technical and tactical shortcomings.Qiu party against Sweden’s Karlberg, Qiu Party experienced the Bundesliga league, progress is obvious.Lim Joong-hoon of South Korea takes on Yuya Uta of Japan, both sole players in their respective associations, while Liang Jingkun takes on Grasmenko of Kazakhstan.In women’s singles, Hina Hayata took on Li Haoqing from Hong Kong, China, and Wang Manyu took on Diaz from Puerto Rico. Diaz had trained in China Women’s Table Tennis team and was also a half disciple of Coach Liu Guoliang.Wang Yidi meets German player Ham, Iteng meicheng is to meet French Chinese origin player Yuan Jia Nan.In addition, today, Sun Yingsha, the little demon king of China Ping, impacts the ticket of the final, Sun Yingsha’s partner Wang Chuqin fights against Du Kai, Huang Zhenting, a group from Hong Kong, China in the semi-final, this game will be broadcast live by CCTV, witnessing Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin impacts the ticket of the final.Sun Yingsha today is still a day of two matches, but also partner Wang Manyu against South Korea women’s doubles Liang Xia Yin Tian Zhixi.In men’s doubles, Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin took on the host fu Shaofeng and Zhou Zheyu.