Folk tale: On the wedding night, the husband and wife were back to back. The mother-in-law said: This daughter-in-law is not ordinary

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At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the court was in turmoil and the people were displaced.To escape the chaos of war, Lu Wenda left home with his wife and children and traveled south all the way.The son Lu Hong just turned eight years old, living rough with his parents, suffered terribly.This day, three people into the territory of Suzhou, need to walk a section of mountain road to enter the city.Mountain high road danger, rugged, Lu Hong stop-and-go, tired panting.He saw a stone by the side of the road and sat down to have a rest.At this moment, a snake scurried out of the grass, spitting its core toward the flood.He gave a cry of surprise and ducked, but unfortunately missed his step and rolled down the hill.The couple turned pale with fear, but thanks to the shelter of the trees, their son survived.Since then, Lu Hong has lost all memory, every day gibberish, delirious.Husband and wife 2 people love dearly son, search nearby famous doctor, fail to cure his disease from beginning to end however.See dish tie up to be about to run out immediately, Lu Wenda is very anxious, decide to seek a job in Suzhou first, earn a bit of silver to do long-term plan again.He inquired from shop to shop, and finally found kangyuan medicine shop to recruit a clerk.Lu Wenda overjoyed, walked into the store, explained the purpose of the visit.The shopkeeper smiled and asked, “Can you read?”Lu Wenda had studied private school for several years when she was young. Wang, the shopkeeper, nodded with satisfaction after receiving a positive reply.In this way, he finally got a job.Lu wenda treasured the hard-won opportunity very much and worked steadfastly and faithfully.He worked in kangyuan medicine shop for five years. Wang’s shopkeeper saw that he worked well and earned a lot of money as time went by.Lu wenda was not a man of easy wealth. He always hoped to make a lot of money one day and give his wife and children a good life.One day, he was out drinking with some friends when he overheard a conversation between two men at the next table.The speaker is not intentional, the listener is intentional, Lu Wenda learned that two people rely on selling raw silk made a big fortune, envy unceasingly.Suzhou silk weaving industry is extremely prosperous, the market demand for raw silk is particularly large, the profit is considerable.Lu Wenda sensed a business opportunity from their conversation. He planned to quit his job and resell raw silk.A month later, he left kangyuan medicine shop and started a small business.Lu Wenda had a flexible mind and was good at management. His business grew bigger and bigger. In just four years, he saved a lot of silver.The couple discussed and decided to buy a house in the city.In the east of the city there was a family named Du, whose ancestors had been in business for generations and had been a rich family.Later, du hongchang was unable to make ends meet and decided to sell his house.When he saw buyers coming, he welcomed them warmly.Lu Wenda walked around the house and liked it very much. He immediately decided to buy the house. They agreed on the price and prepared to use it five days later.After signing the contract, Lu Wenda turned to leave.Hardly had he gone out when he saw a beggar by the roadside.The old man was ragged and grizzled, and looked very miserable.Lu Wenda was in a state of compassion and went to the old man and took out one or two pieces of silver.The beggar took the silver with a surprise on his face and said, “You are so generous that the old man will never be able to thank you.Good people will be rewarded, and good people will be rewarded.”Looking at the old man’s face that experienced vicissitudes of life, Lu Wenda suddenly remembered his father died of illness, tears blurred his eyes.Five days later, a family of three moved into the new house, the couple were happy, happy.Lu Hong, his son, walked around the room, looking around and curious about everything in front of him.Lu Wenda looked at her son, sighed and said to herself, “It would be wonderful if my son could be healthy.”Hearing this, the wife’s smile suddenly solidified and she said to her husband, “My son has grown up. He should have settled down and had a family, but now his condition has not improved. It is not easy for him to marry a wife.”Lu Hong listened to his parents talk about their marriage with a poker face, as if it had nothing to do with him.One evening, Mr. And Mrs. Lu were enjoying the cool in their yard when they heard a cry outside their door.They stood up and decided to go out to investigate. When they came to the door, they saw a woman squatting in a corner.Lu Wenda could not help asking, “What’s the girl’s name?Why are you crying here?”The woman wiped her tears with her sleeve and answered, “The little woman’s name is Mei Niang and she fled from the famine.My parents died on the way, and now I’m homeless and living on the streets.”Then he burst into tears again.Lu Wenda felt pity for his wife, liu shi, who understood what her husband was thinking and took her back to the house to take her in.Mei niang is clever and diligent, and helps Liu wash clothes, cook and clean up the housework every day.In her spare time, she often chatted with Lu Hong.Seeing that she was the same age as their son, lu and his wife regarded her as their daughter in their heart.One day, Mei Niang came to Liu shi, face shyly said: “Sir, madam treat me like my own, Mei Niang is very grateful.There is nothing in this life to repay, I only wish to marry Lu Hong as a wife, I hope your wife can fulfill.”Liu shi wen speech, blanking on the spot, incident suddenly, she does not know how to reply.Coincides with right now, Lu Wenda steps forward the door to come, Liu shi will the idea of mei niang informs her husband, hope he can take an idea.Lu wenda mused: “Hong ‘er has been delirious all day. I’m afraid there is no hope for her recovery.Don’t ruin your life’s happiness just to repay your kindness.”Liu shi is pulling the hand of mei niang, earnest and earnest ground say: “male big be married, female big be married.I’ll help you find a good home, and we’ll both be at ease.”Voice just fell, saw mei niang “plop” a kneel on the ground, tears welled up.”In my mind, MY Lord and lady are my second parents.As long as you do not mind, I would like to marry Lu Hong as his wife, willing to take care of him for a lifetime, I hope they can help.”Mei niang words sincere, The Lu couple deeply moved.Liu shi stepped forward to help mei niang, nodded with a smile, agreed to this marriage.The next day, Lu Wenda happily out of the house, please choose a good day, began to prepare for the wedding.The Couple rejoiced at the thought of having someone with them for the rest of their son’s life.They have never thought, two people are falling step by step into the trap.Two months later, Lu Hong and Mei Niang get married and tie the knot.In the evening guests dispersed, Lu Hong in the mother’s exhortation into the bridal chamber.According to the ritual, the husband and wife two people drink jiaoguan wine, Mei niang blow out candles, ready to go to bed.Lu Hong just lay down, listen to Mei Niang said: “you fool, still want toads to eat swan meat.From now on, we’ll sleep back to back, and if you think anything, I’ll kick you out of bed.”Lu Hong nodded his head like pounding garlic and kept saying: “Eh, eh.”After three days of one night, a black man over the wall hospital, quietly came to mei niang in front of the door, straight pushed the door into the room.In the darkness, Melanie whispered: “I’ve got it. It’s all here.You and I must leave without delay.”The man carries a burden, pulling mei niang to walk, two people just open the door, a few yamen rush in.Lamei a scream, woke up the sleep of Lu Hong, he saw outside the sword, scared in the house crying.The man in black and the woman were captured, and the two were taken to the yamen for interrogation.They dare not quibble and tell the truth one by one.The man is named Huang Tianbiao, huai ‘an House personage.He was lazy and lived by cheating.Two years ago, Huang Tianbiao because of fraud money, huai ‘an government wanted.He is taking wife mei niang to flee overnight, two people come to Suzhou mansion, incognito, live the small day with stability.Good times did not last long, cheat money was quickly squandered by Huang Tianbiao.He returned to his old business in order to make money.After inquiring, lu Wenda is rich and has a crazy son.Huang Tianbiao stratagem, he let his wife mixed with land, treasure hiding place.Mei niang carefully, secretly observing Lu Wenda’s every move.One day, she found Lu Wenda coming out of her son’s bedroom with a heavy package in his hand.Mei Niang guessed that lu’s gold and silver treasures may be hidden in Lu Hong’s bedroom.Men and women are not close, in order to be able to legitimately enter that bedroom, she only pretend to marry Lu Hong as his wife.See plan is about to succeed, who knows halfway out bite gold.On the day of Lu Hong’s wedding, an old man walked into Liu fu for money.The old man recognized Luwenda at once. He would never forget that the man in front of him had given him a grain or two of silver.Only, he never thought they would meet again.The old man was embarrassed to disturb him, and prepared to turn around and leave.He was startled at the sight of the bride.The old man took Luwenda aside and whispered.Original, before long he hears the affair of cheater niang and a man secretly discuss legerdemain marriage unintentionally, then tell oneself what see what hear truthfully.When Lu Wenda heard this, she could hardly believe her ears.In order to find out the truth of the matter, she let his wife secretly listen to the wall that night.Liu shi heard Mei Niang with son’s dialogue, angry fire emit three zhangs.They did not dare to startle the others, but quietly ran to the yamen to report them.Magistrate adult arranges yamen to guard secretly in front of land mansion door, will huang Tianbiao and mei niang finally catch with one action, husband and wife 2 people are put in prison.Lie between before long, Lu Wenda discovers pleasantly surprised, the son’s illness improves slowly actually.He thought back to the night of the incident and felt that his son must have been suddenly startled and restored his memory.Half a year later, Lu Hong’s body has been fully recovered, The Lu couple very surprised.Lu Hong married a wife and had a son. His family was happy and harmonious.Conclusion: Mei niang is interfuse land home, take great pains, she pretend to be a woman in distress, be taken in by the couple of good Lu family.No one has thought that behind this actually hidden a big conspiracy.The plan of Huang Tianbiao and mei niang is about to succeed soon, of beggar appear to let them show original form.Good causes produce good results. As the beggar said in the article, “good people will have their own rewards, and good people will have their own fortune.” This sentence was fulfilled in Lu Wenda.Lu jia not only kept money, and harvest unexpected surprise, Lu Hong restores health, the whole family hehemeimei, everyone is happy.For a good house there will be celebration, and for a bad house there will be plague.