Innovation can be addictive

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Different from other entrepreneurs, zhang Gongyun, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Himile Mechanical Science and Technology (Shandong) Co.,Ltd, reacted at first, not pleasantly surprised and excited, but surprised, when he learned that he was awarded the title of “Leading entrepreneur in Shandong Province”.”Because we are only a small manufacturing factory at county level, although we are the hidden champion, compared with those big companies, we are very small.”Zhang Gongyun, dressed in dark blue overalls, answered earnestly and sincerely, “We still have a bit of unpromising positioning, that is to do something ‘big factories too lazy to do, small factories can’t do’, after all, innovation is easier to survive in this intermediate field.”Such candid answer, let the reporter feel surprised instead.Years ago, Zhang went from a repair shop in a bankrupt township enterprise to a leader in machinery manufacturing. As an alumni representative, zhang returned to his Alma mater shandong University to deliver a speech at the 2015 graduation ceremony.He introduced himself by saying, “On this day in 1983, WITH a dream in my heart and the song of ‘Meet My Young Friends’, I said goodbye to the university campus and embarked on my career as an entrepreneur.At that time, I responded to the national call and went to Work in Xinjiang bearing Factory. I worked in Xinjiang for 5 years as a technician and deputy director of the workshop.In 1988, he was transferred to Gaomi Forging press Machine Tool Plant and worked as engineer, process section chief, production director and deputy general manager for 7 years.In 1995, he quit the “iron rice bowl” of state-owned enterprises and founded Homag Company.The company was founded at the beginning, is only 34 employees, 500 square meters of workshop bankrupt township enterprises maintenance workshop, 20 years, created an average annual growth of 50% high-speed performance, has developed into the world tire mold industry leader.”Today, Homag has 20,000 employees, 1 listed company, 5 high-tech enterprises and 7 overseas subsidiaries, forming four major industrial systems of high-grade tire mold, high-end machinery manufacturing, oil and gas equipment and chemical equipment, with annual output value of 10 billion yuan, involved in machinery, chemical, energy and other fields.With the long-term stable cooperation with nearly 30 fortune 500 enterprises such as GENERAL Electric of the United States, Siemens of Germany, Michelin of France and Pirelli of Italy, it has become the global tire mold research and development and manufacturing base, the world’s influential manufacturer of high-end machinery parts, and the world’s largest valve core production base.Homaoming can obtain such result today, the innovation concept that puts forward with Zhang Gongyun is inseparable.Different innovation concept, accomplished today’s heroic everyone is Shouting to want innovation, but Zhang Gongyun differs somewhat to innovative understanding.”For Homag, innovation is about survival, competition and development, and hard work alone is hard to win.”In Zhang gongyun’s view, there is no shortage of diligent people in China, and development must rely on innovation under the premise of diligence and diligence.Therefore, Homag launched all staff innovation, through the power of collective innovation, accelerate the development of the enterprise.Half-jokingly, Mr. Zhang cited an example of innovation by a company’s water delivery man.Trucks carry iron products to and from the factory every day, so tires of cars are often punctured by nails that fall from trucks.To avoid punctured tires, the water man hung a piece of wood in front of his electric bike and attached magnetic steel to the wood. When he rode past, the magnetic steel sucked up all the nails.”Such a move, Zhang Gong yun will let the company to reward the water uncle 100 dollars.This is zhang Gongyun put forward “improvement is innovation, everyone can innovate”.In his opinion, the era of “one trick eats everything” is getting farther and farther away, and innovation is no longer lofty, even if it is “to change the unreasonable into reasonable, to change the unattractive into beautiful”, it is innovation.And to “all innovation, continuous transcendence”, as long as the encouragement of innovation, tolerance of failure, accumulated over a long period of time, will lead to qualitative change.”To put it bluntly, innovation is like playing poker or chess. It becomes addictive over time.”The rapid development of homaoming really verified this sentence of Zhang Gongyun.At the beginning of the establishment of the company, Homag only car, milling, planing, grinding ten sets of old equipment, now, the company has thousands of sets of equipment, more than half are homag independent development.Using self-made equipment, the company has the initiative to upgrade equipment, so that the company does not have to be controlled by others, but also has the competitiveness that competitors are difficult to copy and imitate.Zhang Gongyun always believes that “the cost of innovation failure can be controlled by sections, but the benefits of innovation success are difficult to estimate.”In haomai, anyone at any time can not be cynical to the innovator, no idea without innovation is lazy and incompetent performance.In the atmosphere of “encouraging innovation and tolerating failure”, in 2021, the company collected 553,800 innovation and improvement proposals, involving 18,896 people, 8,058 technological innovations and 160 management innovations, creating a total benefit of 180 million yuan and awarding a bonus of 9.228,900 yuan.The group achieved output value of 11 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 20%;Profit and tax 2.6 billion yuan, an increase of 17%;Tax paid 1.02 billion yuan, an increase of 20%;Export earned $640 million, up 36%;R&d investment reached 410 million yuan, an increase of 31%.At the end of the interview, Zhang Gongyun told the reporter of Dazhong Poster news, “2022 is still on the road of transformation and upgrading for Homag. We will strive to climb to a new level this year and next year and make heroic contributions to the transformation and upgrading of China’s equipment manufacturing industry.”