Smoother without Harden!Nets winning streak or illusion, rockets 20-game losing streak

2022-07-20 0 By

Last two games, from harden trading a small garage and drummond, two players in their lead bottom, the nets even without Michael Owen and harden, has successfully stopped 11 in a row, even 28 points reversal the knicks, completed the team s maximum differential reversal points, two wins in a row for the team, many fans have said not harden the nets are better,But is this really the case?The Kings and Knicks were both weak teams in terms of strength, and against these teams, even the Lakers with Westbrook, could still play a smooth offense.Harden’s game was just as smooth this season when he led the team to victories over the Lakers and Clippers.But when you play against the top teams it is difficult for anyone to flow.So the flow is not smooth with the strength of the opponent has a lot to do with.And when you can’t win, it doesn’t matter how smooth you are, but if you can’t win, that’s the real thing.After Harden left the Rockets last season, the team immediately went on a six-game winning streak. The flow looked comfortable, everyone involved, everyone had the ball, and many fans were happy to see harden off as a cancer, but they were quickly slapped in the face during a 20-game losing streak., of course, with the strength of the nets, not 20 streak, but then will certainly encounter dozen face, now can win more like a punch Lao shifu, killed opponent not through the nets tactics, especially durant didn’t return, Owen the next six games can only play one game, once the nets this squad been studied thoroughly, the nets will play very hard.Steph curry will be the last to play, especially against Boston later in the season.Q: do you think James Harden has increased or weakened before and after the trade at full health?