Special car to your door!Nine migrant workers from Chaoyang returned home safely

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently, 9 chaoyang migrant workers took the “point-to-point” through train of dalian and Chaoyang human resources and social security departments to return to work.At present, it is the peak time for migrant workers to return to work. In order to stabilize the post and work of key enterprises after the holiday, reduce the risk of infection of migrant workers during the journey.Lushunkou district economic development service center in dalian and employment department of chaoyang district “peer-to-peer” work upon receipt of the notice, in the district, under the guidance of people club bureau immediately organized program staff, closely coordinated with YunGuanSuo and district center for disease control, high-speed intersection elaborate organization, safe and orderly in the salt back chaoyang cadastral “peer-to-peer” return to return to work nine people to return.It not only arranges special buses to deliver them directly to their doorsteps, but also provides “point-to-point, one-stop” employment services for returning migrant workers, effectively ensuring their smooth return to work.Source: Lushun