Taohuaping street to the jurisdiction of high-rise residential areas before tomb-sweeping day fire safety and epidemic prevention and control inspection

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Longhui news dispatch (reporter Liao songs RuanHongGui) in order to further improve the residential district property units on fire control safety management ability, on April 1 in the afternoon, the peach blossom ping street to fire security and epidemic prevention and control districts high-rise residential district inspection, deeply understand small fire security and epidemic prevention and control to carry out the situation, from the source to eliminate fire hazards, enhance their ability to resist fire prevention and control.Inspection group focus within the village each building, each floor on fire safety evacuation passageway and safety exit are unblocked and fire extinguishers, fire hydrant fire equipment, such as whether a complete works, fire control room attendant is related certificates, automatic fire control facilities operation is normal and whether district, block fire truck passageway to the field to see,The existing problems will be summarized and recorded one by one, rectification within a limited time.Inspection found rongxing international residential fire pressure shortage, inspection team immediately to the county emergency office, fire brigade sent a letter to request immediate rectification in place.At the same time, the team asked all residential units must strengthen epidemic prevention and control work during the holiday, plot the pedestrian entrance to according to the human dimension is standard, equipped with infrared temperature measurement equipment, for in and out of community residents do “four”, and do a good job in information registration and reporting to control strictly, to remind people to strengthen personal protective.Source: Longhui Rong Media Center Author: Liao Ge Ruan Honggui Editor: Yang Rushu This article is an original article by Longhui News Network. Please attach the link of the original source and this statement.This paper links: https://www.longhuinews.com/content/2022/04/02/11080053.html, all peer originator, hail to the original