The Chinese immortal system is Lao Jun

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Among the ancient Chinese immortals, Hongjun Lao Zu, as the first great god, managed all things in the universe and became the supreme great god.His three disciples were the moral Lord, namely, Taishang Lao Jun, Yuanshi Emperor and Pangu Emperor, Lingbao Emperor and Tongtian Master.Today we are talking about the great disciple of Hongjun Lao Zu, who is also called “Taishang Lao Jun”. He is upright and upright, and tianzong has reached an unimaginable height in the practice.He was one of Taoism’s three clear deities, full name taiqing, and was appointed by the master of moral Heaven to preside over the Taoist Taishang Lao Jun.Yuan God lives in shouyang Mountain eight view palace, different periods of unreal different human came to the world.According to the immortal biography records, the three emperors is the incarnation of the garden master, blessing is the incarnation of Yuhua son, Shennong is the incarnation of 90 Lao Zi, Zhou Dynasty incarnation of Mr. Art, the spring and Autumn incarnation of Lao Zi, from the two too old jun received two disciples.Cut off real people and the sorcerer.In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Taishang Lao Jun had a specific image of immortals.Embrace piaozi inside miscellaneous should record, old gentleman true traveler, this surname Li, name Dan word Boyang, body length of nine feet, embroidered eyebrows long ears foot eight trigrams jade temple left qinglong, right white tiger.Qianzhuque, after xuanwu before to twelve xiongqi, from thirty-six nosebleed in the romance of the gods, too old gentleman rarely appeared, the only appearance of the meaning is to adjust the two younger brothers, the original god and tongtian God Lord contradiction.The thing is, there are too many vacancies in the office of the three world gods, so it is necessary to add 365 new gods to manage three times.The burden falls on the most stupid and unpromising disciple jiang Ziya.Jiang Ziya received the task can go to the West Ki Bu zhou get a large group of chan sect people, shi Ge’s help, but has repeatedly been teacher uncle Tongtian Lord created cut sect disciples blocked and ordered.In the end, even master Shutong God also personally down the mountain, put down the jade devil array, in order to prevent the two elder brother of the original god sitting down zhuxian town is the supreme law array that dominates the killing of heaven, is also the largest law array since the whole universe.It is composed of four ancient artifacts, which are composed of immortal sword, immortal Sword and immortal sword, and almost no one in the three circles can break this evil array of subordinates.God, you must burn the stone, kill and kill the disciples before you can stop.Too old jun in the face of the evil spirit of the teacher younger brother tongtianjiao Lord, there is no way how to persuade all bad, can only take the lead to break the battle.Old gentleman one gasification, sanqing, is the top of the head give birth to a real gas, into three different repair for the writing of the realm.The three qing are too Clear people Yu Qingdao and Qingdao people, which can be seen the profound way, but also failed to break this battle.Later plus two younger brother yuan Shi Tian Zun to lead the way, that is, later the Tathagata Buddha zhuyi way, that is, later the Bodhi Lao Zu.Four people together together to just break the devil devil fairy array, it is a complete defeat of the small teacher younger brother tongtian Lord break array of these four people, can be said to be the highest magic of the three world god.You can see how powerful Zhuxian town is.In Journey to the West, The Lord Lao Jun lives in the thirty-third day.Because of the charge of people to teach and the Jade Emperor go closer, he is good at practice refers to once helped teacher Gunuwa niangniang practice colorful stone, can be said to be the emperor’s blacksmith and implication in charge of the heaven gods.Related to the cold, fever and difficult diseases, he has forged countless fairy family tools, now steel ring, purple gold red gourd, sheep fat jade bottle, gold rope, palanbanana fan, seven star sword, ding Hai magic needle nine teeth claw, purple gold zero and so on many magic weapons.And to whom were these instruments given?Know friends can say, which is the most severe with the gold ring, the old gentleman under the singular, single horn green cattle Miao, Xing Wanli.The output of his eight diagrams furnace was so high that he could make several Dan medicines in a day. Later, the Monkey King ate all of them and trained monkey Sun into a fiery eye with golden eyes.Someone said, why is the old gentleman in Journey to the West not as powerful as the one in the list of gods?None of this was written by one person.But the Lord Taishang in Journey to the West really loved Monkey Sun and hated to beat him. After all, this stone was also made by himself.After nuwa niang’s vitality moisten after falling into the earth, he how willing to destroy the monkey?Was the usual elixir so easily stolen?Can the bagua furnace melt the monkey?In fact, Lao Jun knew very well that he was helping the monkey silently.Well, about the story of the old gentleman on the end, like a point of attention.Next time we will talk about yuanshi Tianzun, the elder brother of Lao Jun. Yuanshi Tianzun, you know everything about the state of the world. Is there something important happening in the world?Bald head spread wings mother earth.The Goddess Nu Wa.