The fourth Hospital successfully completed the task of nucleic acid collection

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In order to implement huaihua Municipal Party Committee epidemic prevention and control headquarters on the “48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate for teachers and staff to return to school” requirements, fully strengthen the defense line of epidemic prevention and control, earnestly do a good job of preparation for the resumption of school after the Qingming Festival holiday, April 4-5, The Fourth People’s Hospital of Huaihua responded positively.50 sampling team members were sent to three designated collection points (sports center, Junyong Experimental Primary school, football field next to sewage treatment station) to collect nucleic acid for teachers and students of schools in the south of Chengcheng Street, providing strong guarantee for their safe return to school.The nucleic acid collection work time is tight, the task is heavy, the requirements are high, the three collection teams fought against time continuously, successfully completed 30 schools 10415 person-time collection task.Sampling site, under the close cooperation of teachers and parents, the process is orderly.The members of the nucleic acid collection team of the Fourth Hospital of The City cooperated with each other in division of labor, scanning codes, maintaining order and carefully checking. They repeated the collection operation continuously for several hours, including disinfection, checking and operation, and were meticulous in every link.The medical staff, armed to the teeth, did not fear the scorching sun, sweat soaked clothes, “Baby, we are not afraid, trust aunt, trust Baymax, will not hurt you.Such words, sampling of the medical staff don’t know how many times to repeat, because the child is much, the great white kids will from time to time in patience careful calm emotions, in the face of lower grade students sampling, the medical staff would bow bend over and over again, even patience guide students correct action, to placate their emotions.A parent of a student said: “Children are looking forward to going to school these days, it is necessary to do nucleic acid before the resumption of classes, so that we parents also rest assured.”Huaihua city, in the current epidemic prevention and control in the war, the fourth people’s hospital medical staff all-weather stick, with disease resistance of confidence and determination to win, have the courage to bear, woven, knit prison hospital epidemic prevention and control network, to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and medical services in the most resolute attitude, the most rapid action, the most active measures, firmly hold the epidemic prevention and control,Escort for huaihua people’s life and health.(Correspondent Yang Wenqing all rights reserved to the original author, salute to the original