The unfeeling ex-husband wanted his son back

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Liu wants an older son.And promised to give the boy a house.The first night I came home, I washed my feet.Chunxia qiu dong reincarnation, those wonderful things in the countryside, also as the four seasons alternately reborn.Perhaps, because of the existence of these wonderful things, to lonely rural life added some material, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, let people to taste, slowly taste, slowly taste……Rural, usually busy, the family has no time to chat.At night, before going to bed, we wash our feet together.This is the most abundant time for small talk.Because of the epidemic, I didn’t go home for two years and missed the beautiful scenery of my hometown in spring, summer, autumn and winter.Of course, what happened in the countryside is unknown.Now, Liu has the face to ask for a son?I felt aggrieved.Think of how unfeeling he was.She is my sister-in-law’s daughter.Liu is the ex – husband of someone.Eleven years ago, liu so-and-so because of an extramarital affair, regardless of some big already pregnant six armour, must end and some big five years marriage.In those days, Liu gave some one thousand yuan, as the cost of abortion.Liu said that if a big don abortion, determined to have the child, he will not recognize the unborn child, will not bear the cost of raising the unborn child.Many people are also urging abortion.Because it’s hard for a divorced woman to take on a child and marry again.Liu and a big once had a son, at the age of three fell into a pond and drowned.How could a mother, still reeling from the loss of her first son, bear to lose another child?Besides, this time it’s to destroy the child’s life.Stop marrying and spend the rest of your life with your kids.That was the big idea at the time.See a big attitude so determined, sister and brother-in-law also love her daughter and her unborn child.He built two rooms next to his house at his own expense.At this point, the divorcee and her unborn baby have a place to live.Under the pressure, Xx finally welcomed her second son.Later, She remarried and had a son, now six years old, with her current husband.A family of four leads a happy life.Who would have thought that the ex-husband who had refused would one day have the cheek to ask for a son?Originally, liu so-and-so’s derailed object in those days, namely current wife, is a divorce and also take a child’s woman.For more than a decade, Liu and his current wife have no children in common.In other words, Liu is raising children for others.Perhaps, read too many men, when young and strong for others to raise children, to the old but abandoned by others.Liu so-and-so enlightened, remembered his own son.Liu began to bribe her son with small favors.He promised that if his son stayed with him, he would give him a house.The change of Liu is as natural as the change of face in Sichuan Opera.The world is impermanent, the world is a hundred.After the replacement of the four seasons, there are stories in the countryside to continue.Just, I don’t know how this story ends?The author of this article has prohibited republication.