These 3 MPVS are all great. Which one did I finally get?Expert advice: buy them all

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These 3 MPVS are all great. Which one did I finally get?Expert branch recruit: all buy bai finally to look forward to come.It’s really great.Xiaobian has been waiting for you here for a long time. First, I sincerely thank you for your patronage. At the same time, I wish the old folks home fat house run, happiness and health, without delay.As we all know, MPV has large space and good vision. It not only has outstanding advantages such as low fuel consumption and wide application range, but also is quite excellent for family travel. It has become a prominent advantage that is difficult to be surpassed by other models and is also loved by most of your friends.Today, I want to share these 3 most cost-effective MPV models with your esteemed audience. Don’t miss it!The first model: scenery 330 about scenery 330 sales performance introduction: under the leadership of dongfeng well off brand, scenery 330 since the launch of the market so far its market performance can be said to be very wonderful, and scenery 330 final land price times attractive, so this has obtained a large number of small brother’s trust and praise.Related news, according to the views of 330 sales achievement of progress, has certainly won the 01100 m in sales performance, jumped on the 25th, therefore, the progress of the scenery, 330 is very obvious, is also a blockbuster, one of the most glamorous stars, more wonderful than mainstream other equivalent models.In other words, there is absolutely no MPV without defects in the world, but I believe that many friends always choose to believe that the product influence of Scenery 330 is the mainstream level of the market.Because scenery 330 agile and fierce strength is more recognized by the public.A lot of friends feel: scenery 330 core strength can be said to be very fierce, estimated that its future sales will be steadily climbing.The appearance of scenery 330 is handsome and concise, the car paint is very resistant to scratching, and the shape of the broken lines of scenery 330 is also quite aggressive, containing obvious comfort and fashionable sense.The front face of 330 scenery is relatively low-key, and then the ever-changing family waist line is concave after becoming warped, just like tiger head general envy evil spirit others, particularly smooth, there is a pair of led automatic headlight ornament of God, waist line is also very tough, not as conservative as the old money before.Dimensions:Scenery 330 aboard a space also pretty ones, at the same time give us a very comfortable feeling, storage space is also very abundant, spoon, car keys, and a number of small objects are you easily, especially its length and 4400 mm, 1720 mm wide, 1790 mm high, even filled with a lot of friend can still easily legs lift up.This shows that the scenery 330 is no problem for a family car, to be honest, even if the scenery 330 ten w like is not much.And its rear trunk performance also te bounteous, still can put a lot of luggage.Practical aspect is quite good, small editor feel particularly satisfied.In addition to the brilliant appearance and well-placed interior, the power of the 330 scenery is absolutely stunning in first-tier cities. Its power system can burst out a maximum of 116 horsepower, and the transmission adopts a durable 5-speed manual system, so the 330 Scenery whether acceleration or starting process, is absolutely very good.That’s great.It is worth noting that the scenery 330 cylinder block is made of cast iron, which has the advantage of high temperature resistance.In addition, according to the website, the 1.5L View 330 is still great.Car friends said: xiaobian that the scenery 330 built by dongfeng xiaobang with great concentration, in the range of about 50,000 MPV is absolutely crushing the heroes.Scenery 330 appearance level accords with the need of successful personage very much, before face pretty beautiful with move feeling, look rise quite have grade.In addition, scenery 330 inside or particularly comfortable, in the seat on the trip do not feel constrained, and practical is also great, worthy of dongfeng well-polished high-quality style.Car friends comment 2: Have to mention is the scenery 330 excellent fuel consumption performance, should be the reason for the improvement of the accuracy of the technology, so more in line with the travel needs of more and more market consumers.In addition, what is more surprising to xiaobian is that the fuel consumption of this scenery 330 100 kilometers is not as big as the previous imagination. Currently, the fuel consumption is about 7.9 to 9.2 liters. In general, the fuel consumption is acceptable.MPV models in competing products must be able to count is the highest level of appearance.So many friends are very proud of it, and the bosses all say scenery 330 is the best.To be honest, if you are constantly driving in the middle of nowhere, you will probably consume more fuel.The author is a standard graduate student, only need to squeeze some living expenses, it is estimated to reimburse half a month’s oil expenses.So the oil consumption is “sprinkling water”.Even if the adjustment time is not very long, but is expected to be merged later, the fuel consumption of 330 scenery is bound to decline.Owner’s word of mouth: surely many partners will have this feeling: this scenery 330 chassis is a little bit too good, although the scenery 330 can give you a particularly strong power performance, but when the road condition is not very good, the feeling is quite bumpy.If you’re a granny who’s not very flexible, sitting in it can be uncomfortable.In addition, there is another drawback: clear tire noise can be felt in the chassis part of The Scenery 330, especially when reaching the bumpy and steep road surface. In addition, I can feel a sense of frustration during the acceleration process, so I went to the customer service, but finally I couldn’t explain exactly where the problem was.Many small brother also reflected some dissatisfaction: 1. Feel the scenery 330 interior exhaust is te outstanding.No2: In terms of appearance, this Wuling Rongguang’s overall “style” is ok, which is quite acceptable to my aesthetic requirements.Before the face of high level in appearance, with the old model of wuling glory difference is not a lot, like the cow in alive, the first modest, looked quite good, and the wuling ingeniously joined the glory of the narrow door handle place many large size, has the distinct characteristic of the family characteristics before the chromium plated adornment face two high resolution headlight, look up and feel special have both visual feeling.In addition, the side of the whole body of Wuling Rongguang is particularly round, and the design of the side lines is relatively straight. The “dragon beard” line on the roof has been sliding from the B-pillar position, extending from the tail part to the front part, which perfectly stretches the transverse vision of the front part of Wuling Rongguang.At the same time, the car paint is thin and soft, very durable.The kind I like.Wuling glory tail relaxation degree, very grounding gas.And the taillights also add the concept of blackening, looking super sharp, in a word, the overall appearance of Wuling Glory is particularly imaginative.My female subordinates and former relatives and friends originally bought this Wuling Rongguang mainly because of its beautiful style.Miss Wei, a famous car critic, said: DUE to my work, WHEN I am free, I will go to the offline experience store for a test drive. At present, I feel that the cash Wuling Rongguang sound insulation effect is better and it is quiet to drive. Even though wuling Rongguang is so heavy and so long, the overall performance is very good.The third model wuling Rongguang V 44,800 ~ 49,800 in appearance: PERSONALLY, I think the appearance level of Wuling Rongguang V is still very high-end. China Net is very close to the current trend, and even covers the whole front face of Wuling Rongguang V.At the same time, the style of the LED headlights on the front face of Wuling Rongguang V is very youthful, the chassis is low, and the stability is very stable.Even in potholed road conditions it was a pretty confident run.It also dispenses with the locking lines of the car, with the front doors running all the way to the rear, providing an attractive atmosphere and stability.Besides, the taillights are pretty, especially in the dark.There are edges and corners. On the whole, Wuling Rongguang V is relatively tangible, which is in line with the aesthetic needs of young people for high-end models. Personally, WULing Rongguang V is also a relatively mainstream MPV at present.Interior decoration is one of the highlights of Wuling Rongguang V, the assembly process is quite exquisite, the error is small, and the rotation button and the entity button completely do not appear obvious loose situation, this is the general evaluation of wuling Rongguang V car critics.In addition, the steering wheel of Wuling Rongguang V adopts luxury leather structure, with eye-catching shape and precise direction, bringing more comfortable experience for owners.It is commendable that the seat of Wuling Rongguang V is moderate in hardness and softness, and the internal fitting degree is also quite good. The interior filling material of the seat is soft and soft, and even if the car has been driving for seven or eight hours, it will not feel very painful at all.In addition, Wuling Rongguang V has not detected a little smell so far.Meanwhile, the noise in the car is completely imperceptible.So a long time of companionship is not a problem.The acceleration reaction of Wuling Rongguang V is undoubtedly unspeakable in terms of power.It was awesome, and there was no stuttering in the acceleration experience.The instant you step on the gas, the speed effect kicks in.And also can feel particularly strong TuiBei feeling, also especially good noise reduction processing, to speed the whole process of the engine’s exit under the basic feel less than you are, it is worth mentioning that the glory for wuling V original impetus is very outstanding, and I mainly daily shuttle is given priority to, so also the glory of wuling V electric details too much optimization.Wuling Rongguang V’s biggest advantage is that its appearance level can impress consumers, which is particularly eye-catching. The length of the vehicle is close to 5m long, and the headlamp shape is unique, and the visual atmosphere after lighting is still very dazzling.At the same time, wuling Rongguang V’s black mesh design is undoubtedly more shining, silver-white chrome bar is quite chic, and the bumper below each other, looking very fashionable and sexy, Wuling Rongguang V wheel is black and silver, the size is also relatively moderate, the overall style is particularly durable.Drive it out and everyone thinks it’s a luxury brand.The side looks very dynamic, the design of the tire below is also te noble, sending out a pure and elegant luxury feeling.The car drives very quietly, no noise!The trunk of the Wuling Rongguang V is good enough for three or four suitcases.In a word, The cost performance of Wuling Rongguang V is quite good, and the high version is actually less than 40,000 tickets. Since wuling Rongguang V, the author will occasionally go out for a ride.Car Friends comment 2:I used to be a standard upstart, so I like big cars. I am not too shy to drive ordinary cars. But since I got wuling Rongguang V, every time I take my wife and little children out, I feel very “face”.My child always asks me what Wuling Rongguang V is outside.I told you the Wuling Rongguang V was your father’s ride.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, next to the wuling glory V is absolutely quite satisfied, not only brand strength, but also great comfort, since I was young, I especially like the car, is now fighting finally bought a glory belongs to own wuling V, this horse is comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and fuel consumption is not high also, can be satisfied the requirement of my car.Car friends comment 4:Wuling glory V the core competitiveness lies in the manipulation of the key, to open up more like electric vehicles, small make up with the words above share to all of these three MPV models, ex-factory price is have high low, moreover usually, different front models of the retail price is different, such as the lowest price need 3.88 w RMB 330,Wuling Rongguang and Wuling Rongguang V are 4.46W and 3.82W, respectively. Which MPV introduced above are you particularly interested in?Here I sincerely wish you a turn of fortune and happiness like the East China Sea.If you like this article, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.