Tiger can also play ice and snow, Jinan Wildlife World so welcome the Winter Olympics!

2022-07-20 0 By

In preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jinan Wildlife World has introduced a new way for children to enjoy more than 4,000 wild animals while experiencing the fun of ice and snow.In order to improve the display interest, the scenic spot will combine the animal image with the Winter Olympic Games, and set up a parent-child game experience area, figure 8 large slide, children’s small slide, snow track and other ice and snow events, integrating animal science and the Olympic spirit, to achieve education while fun.In addition, during the Spring Festival, the Shandong (Jinan) Safety Emergency Cultural Experience Center in Jye also carried out a special dry ground curling experience competition in the venue, citizens and tourists can not only experience, but also have the opportunity to get the animal ice and snow sports hall “Snow Kingdom holy Land” experience ticket.In addition to playing with snow and ice, you can also observe tigers by yourself at the beginning of Spring, and have close contact with fallow deer, kangaroos and alpacas.Source: New Yellow River