Why do I watch it?Because of the title

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Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan’s “The Rest of my Life, Please Give me Your Advice” was a perfect finale, and Hunan TV picked up “Peach Blossom With Jade Face Again,” a costume drama, which can be on the star, the quality must be excellent.This play is set in the Song Dynasty, and the costumes inside are also very song Dynasty, especially xu Qingjia’s official hat.The leading role is Tong Mengshi and Zhang Hanyun, because “celebrate more Years” in the five bamboo know this actor, at that time he was blindfolded, calm and calm, force value super, let the audience call the five bamboo is too handsome.Later, I saw the scene of his play “Kyauk If the Moon among clouds”, which was really disappointing.His appearance level may really do not match the book described in the “beautiful snow jade color, look back a smile world inclined”.The description in the book is so stunning, and his role as Rong Jing is no more handsome than Wuzhu, so audiences make fun of him.Zhang Hanyun to “super girl” third place results into the entertainment circle, in the hearts of many audiences, she is still the sour sweet little girl.So far, she has released two dramas this year, a Generation of Hongshang on CCTV 8, in which she plays Liu Tianjuan, the bubbly daughter of “Zhang Fengyi,” a character somewhat similar to that of the show.The title of the play is poetic and fits the historical background of the play.However, the first few episodes of this show are slow, slow 2x speed watching, will not let a person feel missed what plot.The plot of the first few episodes also failed to attract the audience to look down.As Xu Qingjia goes to yong county to do county cheng, husband and wife two people begin to make a career, plot will attract attention slowly.The show is based on the online novel The Butcher’s Girl, and some of its lines are hilarious.And there are poetic plots in it, in keeping with the flourishing culture of the Song Dynasty.But some plots don’t feel as surprising or live up to expectations.For example, just arrived shangyong county, Xu Qingjia met two shrews in a jar, in the county government.Because of a jar to the county government, two people quarreled.Xu Qingjia in the above how to clappers, two people simply do not listen.However, Xu Qingjia’s wife Hu Jiao (Played by Zhang Hanyun), come up with 40 money, say you are to continue to quarrel here, or a take away 20 home?Is this an appropriate approach?Originally so big posture, so many people onlookers, originally thinking of the most ingenious way to solve, did not think of the second eye actually helpless, also need to solve the wife.And the solution is to buy the jar out of your own pocket.A play is not only the plot is attractive, but also the acting ability of the actors.There are no ups and downs, just sweet everyday life.The more dramatic the story, the higher the demand for acting.The image of Zhang Hanyun and The image of Hu Jiao fit very well, lively and lovely but there is a spicy side.Comparing “Generation Hong Shang” and “Jade face Peach Blossom Meet again” two characters, the feeling is the same, does not make people feel that they are two characters.Maybe because of the acting, a lot of the funny places don’t feel so funny.Tong Mengshi in the plot of the performance is in line with the scholar of this image, wenwenqi white face scholar.However, the emotional expression of the appeal is not strong enough, so that the audience can not feel the inner complex emotions.Male xu Qingjia although is the second eye, and pushed when the prime minister’s daughter this marriage.But when he was excited to marry Hu Jiao, she said she had someone in her heart, that person is A cow.At this time men in the heart should be very disappointed, after all, their hearts and minds of people refused to marry with their own, but the men and women at this time some performance is not in place.The male hero did not show his disappointment, and she did not show how much he liked this man.A relaxed play is not only to let people see the plot of the funny, more should see the male and female main performance let people feel funny.The show is still funny and easy to watch, though a bit disappointing in some places, but still watchable.