Wuhan Deyuan house is a modern minimalist art home

2022-07-20 0 By

Minimalism is the main melody of deyuan’s whole house design style, with the interior style of plain and high-grade gray as the temperament, through perfect proportion and minimalist design, with the latest plate carbon crystal board on the market at present, the contrast of cold and warm becomes interesting, showing a simple and elegant advanced and textural art home.The living room is next to a large area of daylighting window, gray curtain + white gauze curtain decoration, natural and comfortable light into the modern and generous living room space, presenting a bright and elegant space atmosphere feeling.The carpet with elegant attune of gray of same color fastens with sofa on ground shop, add gules modelling tea table is decorated, lit up the low-key of the space and enthusiastic breath.The TV background wall adopts solid core large board smoky oak as the background, and the customized TV cabinet and bookshelf cabinet with gray wood color are added at the bottom and side. Decorative paintings are placed in the middle of the cabinet body, which improves the richness of the space material and the sense of light luxury and modern, and the whole space appears simple, elegant and magnificent.The sofa background wall is a customized open display cabinet. The comfortable lighting design in the cabinet makes the space more hierarchical, not oppressive, and just creates a sense of high-grade.The bedroom space is based on the white wall space, and the comfortable and elegant bed furniture is arranged to provide a quiet and comfortable sleeping space environment for the host.TV setting is very concise, ark of the head of the bed and luminous layer board combination means, both proper line brings delicate and concise beauty, relaxed bathroom on the side brings strong contrast feeling, pink bath crock adds vitality for the space.The background wall of the head of a bed is designed with the solid wood clapboard of smoky oak color, the gray cloth art bed, the arrangement of the dark bedside cabinet on both sides, and the gradual gray carpet on the ground make the space appear more gentle and elegant and natural.