Xunyi County: together to send “green seeds” for thousands of miles of fertile land

2022-07-20 0 By

Sunshine news (Yang Yang reporter Zhao xiaokang) in March, the day of the city, temperature warming, peach blossom in full bloom, ushered in the key period of spring tillage preparation, then the day of the city forbidden to plant shovel poison work curtain has also opened.Xunyi County drug control Office timely work deployment meeting.All towns are required to take the rural drug problem as the foothold, take their own drug situation as the starting point, with the goal of “zero planting” and “zero yield”, carry out nationwide anti-drug publicity, and create a diversified spring anti-planting and anti-drug activities.Zhengjia town, tuqiao town, qiupotou town condensing main spring forbidden to sing the highest sound plough rich not kind of poison.Qiupotou town, Zhengjia Town, Tuqiao town anti-drug social workers civilian auxiliary police, grid members, anti-drug volunteers in the central location of the village to set up publicity points, the use of radio to speak about the lifting of the ban on the kind of shovel poison knowledge, the distribution of anti-drug knowledge manuals and anti-drug signs of more than 8,000 copies of daily necessities.Targeted visits to more than 200 households to strengthen anti-drug awareness and legal concepts.5 propaganda vehicles were organized to perform audio playback in the main roads of towns and villages and the fork roads of fields and forests.Around the original plant seeds of drugs “scattered land” launched a drug propaganda, strictly prevent and fight illegal planting, preach forbidden species shoveling poison legal knowledge, to create a good atmosphere for the whole people to control drugs.As the saying goes, “sow a seed in spring, harvest ten thousand children in autumn”.It is the critical period of spring ploughing preparation, xunyi County Taicun town, Dimiao town drug control office joint anti-drug police and market supervision departments closely staring at the area of agricultural retail industry, to carry out the “spring ploughing and protecting seeds” special action, to prevent illegal elements will be drugs of the original plant seeds mixed in all kinds of agricultural materials, illegal sales.Inspected and supervised 16 agricultural stores and issued 120 anti-drug calendars.It also called on farmers to “buy seeds through formal channels” and take “green seeds” home.As the saying goes, “farmers mistake the land for a while, and the land mistakes the farmers for a year.”The peach blossoms fell, the land turned over mud, and the area of the Bin Of the River was full of busy farmers.Chengguan street drug control office, Zhanghong drug control office to organize special anti-drug, village cadres in the village, anti-drug civilian auxiliary police to rural “zero” as the goal, into the field, greenhouse, mountain farms and rural “no matter” and other key areas, to carry out “dragnet”, “carpet” investigation.Strictly implement the work requirements of not letting go of one mountain or ditch, not letting go of one land, not letting go of one family or one hospital, not letting go of one plant or one seedling, so as to discover and eradicate one plant.This month, we have carried out more than 10 inspections, screened 36 villages, and distributed more than 3,000 copies of anti-drug knowledge manuals.With the footsteps of zero distance guarding the rural spring tillage preparation work, the full spring of xunyi forbidden to shovel poison work to a climax.Editor: Li Yu