At a major international conference, European parliamentarians fired up, and Macron was furious: Nonsense!

2022-07-21 0 By

According to Russian reports, Macron’s recent speech in France was focused on his country’s expectations during the six-month presidency of the European Union.The proposal was denounced by MeP Maria Bardella, from the camp of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, as turning Europe into Washington’s back garden.Faced with the absurd claim, Macron dismissed it as nonsense.In his speech, Macron reportedly elaborated on France’s political position during the EU presidency and reiterated that the EU should be strategically autonomous, a view that was strongly rejected by several MEPs.Mr Bardella said the policy would turn Europe into “Washington’s backyard” and, borrowing ms Le Pen’s words, disenfranchised countries and people by deciding who to let in or out.Bardella believes that the election of a President in France will determine the fate of France and even the future of Europe, and that Macron will be a divisive figure in France until the end.Macron immediately dismissed Bardera’s comments as nonsense.Mr. Macron said he did not think the French would be hurt and that Mr. Bardella’s actions deserved formal respect for a possible European deal.At the same time, Macron took a jab at Bardella, saying that if the agreement they signed involves taking away the sovereignty of immigrants from all countries, then why are they even talking about it?The issue of the agreement has been resolved, and they have the capacity to do so.In the European Parliament, not only Bardella, but other lawmakers also took aim at Macron.One European PARLIAMentarian is reported to have accused Macron of inaction, but the head of the group in parliament said he was able to get where he is in Europe because of arrogance.Mettsola, the new president of the European Parliament, tried to insulate the meeting from French domestic politics, arguing that the issue was not a national debate.CNN analyzed the view that Macron’s remarks at the European Union have turned into an election battle in France, suggesting that the French presidential election is crucial to the country’s eu presidency.Even now, Macron has not officially declared his intention to run for a second term, but the rules he proposes during his eu presidency are largely relevant to his future campaign.Partial reference news: Chengdu radio and television