Don’t eat too much of this food!Gout!Holiday eating out of pain!

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Not long after the Spring Festival holiday, the number of gout patients who went to the hospital increased.Originally, the Spring Festival eating and drinking, bring a lot of burden to the body, some people’s uric acid is high up, and even induce gout.In Meizhou People’s Hospital, doctors told reporters that after the Spring Festival holiday, more patients came to the hospital for treatment of high uric acid.High uric acid is the fourth highest after hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, all of which are easy to induce cardiovascular diseases and cerebral vascular diseases.Reporters learned that high uric acid from high purine diet, the further development of the disease, easy to induce gout.Doctors warn that during the holidays, friends and family get together and drink a little wine, but according to a new study, even cooking wine is a high-purine food, which could explain why many people experience gout attacks after a meal.Doctors to reporters, in addition to the regular treatment of gout patients, weekdays mainly to their own health management, the first is to shut up.Like many people like the fresh taste of seafood, but they do not know that most seafood is high purine food.Gout has long been thought to be the most common form of the disease in men, but recent research has found that women are also at greater risk, doctors said.In addition, due to modern eating habits, the probability of gout attack in teenagers is also increasing year by year, which is related to teenagers’ love of drinking fruit juice and drinks.The doctor reminds that if you want gout not to attack, the most important thing is to keep your mouth shut and keep uric acid stable for a long time.Don’t drink alcohol and eat less seafood during holiday dinners.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: