“I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible and I can accompany my children to sprint for the middle school entrance examination.”

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“You are now the sprint of the key moment, network class is not used to, homework more these problems have to overcome their own.Just like mom’s work, the neighborhood committee is already busy, and now it will be even busier in the face of the epidemic.Your father and I guard the front line in the unit epidemic prevention, you in the aunt’s home and the middle school entrance examination struggle, we all want to win the war.”Late at night on April 2, Shanyang town Xuhui residential area party branch secretary, neighborhood committee director Huang Cuiyan and there are more than two months to take an examination of the daughter on the phone.Due to busy work during the day, around 11 p.m., they agreed to call each other.Since March 12, Xuhui Residential area into a closed loop management phase, Huang Cuiyan will be stationed in the post, and her husband Wu Huijun will also be stationed in the village rotation.”A neighborhood committee, a village committee”, two grass-roots workers at the same time stationed in the front line to fight “epidemic”, children online class how to do?By agreement, it was decided to send the child to the care of his sister.For more than 10 days of closed-loop management, Huang Cuiyan did not meet her family.During the period, Wu Huijun had sent her a daily necessities, to the gate of the Xuhui District, and afraid to disturb her work, far at the door to see, put things left.In dongfang Village, which has a large area and many factories and construction sites, former soldier Wu Huijun has been running around with his own car for days to carry out anti-epidemic work.At night, the car was his makeshift bed for the better part of a month.”We basically don’t talk to each other on the phone these days.””All the contact information of our neighborhood committee staff is open to the public, and we answer residents’ phone calls 24 hours a day. All the community workers are very hard,” said Huang Cuiyan, an outgoing woman.More than 200 community volunteers, one call, their selfless dedication moved us.It is the untold number of nucleic acid testing services and voluntary antigen testing services for all residents in residential areas. It is the untold number of delivery and takeout delivery services for residents.”The power of an individual is very small. In the fight against the epidemic, we all need to work together. If we stick to it, we will win.”Love will be more powerful when it goes both ways.Giving up small homes for everyone to fight the epidemic workers warm residents, residents with practical actions to express gratitude.A resident of Xuhui District saw Huang Cuiyan’s hoarse voice and insisted on cooking “health porridge” for her and more than 10 staff members, which was done for more than a week.Since March 27, Huang cuiyan’s sister has also volunteered to fight COVID-19, and her brother-in-law has been taking care of her two children.”I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible, and I can accompany my children to sprint for the middle school entrance exam.”Huang Cuiyan said.Reporter | LuXueJing correspondent | wang ping edit | xiao-yan he (trainee) coordinating editor | Shen Yanfei