I see!The women’s football team eliminated Japan, who paid attention to the players’ actions, finally know why the men’s football team was scolded

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I see!The women’s football team eliminated Japan, who paid attention to the players’ actions, finally know why the men’s football team was scolded.Hot netizens pointed out: this game, exciting to see!Lag catch up, lag catch up again, and then eliminate Japan!I dare not say to men’s football club high wages to women’s football, not realistic!But the treatment of the men’s national team, can give more to the women’s team girls!They deserve more resources!Not because of the grades, but they really work hard!This is the spirit of football ah, although I do not have the advantage, but I do not lose heart.Fight hard, fight for your life, and beat your opponent.As I said a few days ago, women’s soccer is also lagging behind, and the latecomers are catching up.But the spirit of women’s football is not little, never give up, not afraid of strong enemies, orderly!Hit the self, is worthy of praise!The women’s football team is not the men’s football team, if the men’s football team has this stamina, it also has no exception to lose, but are walking players.The national football team lost the ball in the midfield in 84 minutes, from the striker to the midfield, several girls clenched their fists to chase back, if that several kick Vietnam’s toys, at most the meaning of it.This is the spirit of women’s football, the whole court was pressed to play, but not disorderly.The players are determined to carry out the idea of counter-attack, have the opportunity to close down, use limited opportunities to get goals!This spirit of never giving up is worth everyone’s learning!This was a match where strength did not dominate, and the women’s soccer team won the match through effective strategy and strong will.Whether we win the championship or not, this is the spirit, this will, this spirit, this is why we love football.Look at the women’s football team, except for the physical stronger than Japan, other weak, but unyielding hard to win at last.Apart from body and physical ability, what are the “others” in football?Technique, tactics, cooperation, attack and defense, overall advancement, formation, positioning and so on.Put aside tactics to talk about technology is to play hooligan, tactics and techniques are unified, the ball how to kick the coach in advance.Japanese women’s football technology is indeed above women’s football, but when it comes to technology, it often has to be specific to individuals, to a local.Women’s soccer team’s first goal, partial pass and catch cooperation, goal scored, Japan’s defense failure, including the second goal, must be concluded that we are technically better than Japan?Not really.The part cannot obscure the whole.Similarly, Japan dominated us throughout the game, but it is not necessarily better than us, because this is the coach’s pre-match technical and tactical arrangements.At the very least, if you put a bus on the whole court, give the ball away, get attacked passively, only defend but not attack, have no skills and tactics to speak of, the final victory will not be the women’s football team.At this time a lot of people want to talk about what hard work (life) spirit, no matter what is luck.Come on, it’s easy to stand up, no work, no skill, you fight with your head?Why don’t you get lucky?More luck?The two goals of the women’s football team were both equalizations after falling behind, it seems more difficult, it seems that the women’s football team has no skills at the foot, he is the professional to eat that food, worry about that heart?Although the women’s football team still has a gap in skills and tactics with Japan, at least it is a rival with Japan. Moreover, the spirit is always there and the attitude is impeccable. Therefore, this group of women’s football girls are the real national football team, instead of the men’s football team who do not make a fool of themselves.The Chinese women’s football team is also on the decline now, but the spirit of the women’s football team is still there. The skills of the women’s football team, fighting, attacking, running position, the courage of the ball holder to break through, the cries from the coach and the temperament of the players to resist defeat are unmatched by the Chinese men’s football team.Although women’s football is going downhill, but the gap is not very big, the final play South Korea there is hope, I don’t want to bar is bullshit, play-offs last year, South Korea, it was Gu Xiuquan this better than led, also two round edge, now of the women’s has the advantages of South Korea, to seventy percent chance of title, a bunch of bars only know wake up see news highlights,Don’t coming to the bar, somehow oppressed women’s even, their struggle, and closing down, dribbling, no ball or great, come on the Chinese women’s team, look forward to your catching up, we should face up to their position, and although we have Asia world strong teams such as the gap between the, but the gap is not large, we can spell, don’t learn Chinese football, wage cuts, Chinese football to the women’s development.Although the overall strength is not strong enough, but also not much worse, so there is a fight, the coach is also very important, the mentality of the players open, very bo and unity, victory is tied to us!Zhu yu did well, made two great saves in the game and two more in the penalty shootout, should have been the best player of the match, the only flaw was her hesitation in attacking and not following through.The critical moment is the veteran pressure, Wang Shanshan, Zhang Xin critical moment is not empty.Hope wang Shuang will recover as soon as possible and catch up with the final.What do you think about that?