Longdeng China is doing everything in its power to boost farmers’ harvests

2022-07-21 0 By

Longdeng China is one of the marketing regions of Longdeng Group, which consists of Jiangsu Longdeng Chemical Co., LTD., Longdeng Crop Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD., and Yantai Longdeng Fertilizer Co., LTD.The main business scope of Longdeng China includes r&d and marketing of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, plant growth regulators and other agrochemical products as well as special functional fertilizers.Agent, pesticide sales cao da corporation of Japan, Japan, Germany basf co., LTD., Cody China companies in the United States, Japan’s mitsubishi chemical food co., LTD, the Spain actvivid chemical industry co., LTD., the Italian serie seg co., LTD., Japan’s mitsui agrochemical, Germany bayer multinationals such as agrochemical products.Over the years, Longdeng China has been adhering to the enterprise mission of “serving farmers wholeheartedly”, delivering high-quality and efficient agrochemical products to farmers, promoting and ensuring harvest for farmers is the greatest wish of longdeng people.Longdeng China focuses on the development of digital marketing strategy and the construction of digital marketing system, aiming to extend the marketing and service antenna to the majority of farmers, so as to expand the brand volume and lay a brand foundation for dealers.At the same time, Longdeng China is constantly working with partners to develop differentiated products with characteristics, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant formulations, including alicordo ®, tetrazolpyrimidine, pyridine quinazoline, and pyidobacillamine.Since the launch of the brand concept of “Dragon’s Way — Harvest more good (crops)”, Longdeng China has been committed to closely combining products with crops, which can find market segments more accurately and serve farmers more effectively.”Dragon’s Way – Harvest well” has a series of crop solutions such as crop diseases and insect pests of food crops, fruit trees, cash crops and vegetable crops, which are trusted by the majority of farmers.