Premier League analysis: Manchester City squad healthy, invincibles lead the premier League at home, bees this season into a giant killer

2022-07-21 0 By

Manchester City drew at Southampton but comfortably beat fulham in the FA Cup and are now unbeaten in 10 matches, leaving blue Moon nine points clear of second-placed Liverpool with a game in hand.Not only are the blue moons hot at home, but they have won nine straight home games since beating Fulham in the cup.After winning the title last season, the team is still going strong this season. So far, the blue moon has not picked up any new injuries in the devil’s schedule and has not been infected with a virus, so guadalupe has been able to handle the double front with a very complete squad.Midfield thigh Mahrez returned early from the African Cup of Nations, but leading scorer Raheem Sterling has missed his fourth match in a row.The team’s defence has been solid, conceding only seven goals in 10 games.The team won 1-0 at Brentford in their first game of the season and must be in a better frame of mind to face the bees.Brentford: Away at brentford, beaten by Everton in the FA Cup, the bees have lost five games in a row in all competitions, but the bees can now focus on the relegation battle.In fact, the Danish manager has injected a high pressure energy into the bees that has helped them to establish themselves in a league of giants – with 26 goals more than top-ranked Brighton and Wolves and the second fewest conceded.And given that they have retained some of their Champions League regulars, and that they have not had any superstars in attack or defence, they have also beaten aston Villa and the Hammers, so the potential for an upset cannot be ignored.Brentford, however, have been beaten at home to Manchester City this season, so it is unlikely to be easy for them to withstand the firepower of city, but brentford’s style of play will not make it easy for the champions.Manchester City play newly-promoted Brentford in the Premier League at 3:45 PM on Jan 10.