The history of “one ship and two arrivals” is no longer. Ningbo Zhoushan Port creates a new mode of berth shifting

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On February 8, senior pilot Tony in ningbo and zhoushan senior pilot icewood under the lead of a supertanker LOTUS “DHT” (the Chinese name “, “) by zhoushan xingzhong sinochem openmindedness mountains 5 wharf is shifting to ningbo crude oil wharf, this is ningbo zhoushan port for the first time after the unified rules pilotage shifting successful shipping across jurisdictions,It is also an important measure to implement the “Ningbo Zhoushan Port Port Service Integration Pilot Program” and promote the integration of Ningbo Zhoushan port services, which marks a solid step forward in the integrated development of Ningbo Zhoushan Port.Learned, originally, influenced by administrative areas and the management system of reason, ningbo, zhoushan pilotage activity is not the same, the specific method that both the two pilot institutions on the same vessel need through the ningbo port and zhoushan port domains at the same time the pilot program, so the berthing ships have to sign the bill separately by the pilot station each pilot, billing, it formed a “one ship and two guide” phenomenon,Virtually increased the ship’s operating costs and time costs.Under the strong impetus of the provincial Department of Transport, and through the joint efforts of the port management departments and pilotage agencies of the two places, the reform of the integrated operation and service of port services including pilotage and tugboats was carried out in Ningbo Zhoushan Port in 2021, and new pilotage rules were formulated and new pilotage modes were explored.For trans-port ships, the two pilot stations will unify the pilotage rules, and the original “entering” and “leaving” pilotage actions will be unified into “shifting” pilotage actions. In accordance with the “principle of destination port”, the documents will be signed once, which not only ensures the shipping company’s shipping schedule but also saves the ship’s pilotage costs. The history of “one ship with two pilotage” is no longer!It is worth mentioning that “Ruitas” captain 332 meters, 320142 tons of dead weight, this voyage loaded 268767 tons of crude oil, in Zhoushan unloaded 201399 tons, in Ningbo unloaded 67,368 tons.After the unification of pilotage rules, it is estimated that the ship can reduce pilotage costs by about 40,000 yuan and anchoring costs and other expenses by about 100,000 yuan. It is estimated that the annual cost of the ship company can be reduced by 4.2 million yuan.At the same time, the reform to streamline the ship in two pilot application process, the pilot work arrangements, greatly enhance the efficiency of the ship and enterprise, is helpful to further activate the port market, enhance port operation efficiency and service brand, promote the sustained and healthy and stable development of port services.Ship “, “company officials said:” we should not only wait for original and dual pilot, spend a lot of manpower and material resources and time cost, now united pilot rules, our benefit is hard, we feel not only of the ship to go more smooth, heart is more general, we as the province transportation hall, ningbo zhoushan port group thumb up!”In the next step, the provincial Department of Transportation will accelerate the digital reform of “first-class strong port” through digital empowerment, deepen the integrated operation and service of Ningbo Zhoushan Port, accelerate the building of world-class strong port, and further strengthen the “core” force.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: