Wear book text: she wear female advocate of hair small, even if have beautiful appearance, but never make demon!

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Hello everyone!The boundless huge crowd we meet, small make up is a senior novel amateur, has ten years of age oh, also want to share with you a beautiful novel ~ indefinite will update all kinds of ancient words every day, abuse, pets, books, military and other different types of fiction, from your appearance especially, America laguna handsome, little brother little sister if like to try some praise and attention oh!Hope can obtain your favor ~ today small make up recommend to everybody: wear book text: she wear female hair small, even if have beautiful appearance, but never make demon!# Book waste # 1: “Cannon fodder female match upgrade record” introduction: wear book text: she wore a female hair small, even if there is a beautiful appearance, but never make demon!What kind of villain has it so bad?Be evil big madam to raise to kill to develop the idiocy that does not understand human feelings of the world!By the white lotus flower elder sister all kinds of design and do not know it!A man who lies in bed with a woman and plays with her feelings falls in love with her white lotus flower elder sister!To be framed for adultery with a scoundrel and end up in a pig cage!Li Wanru looked at the novel in the tragic female can not help but scold brain damage, unlucky through into that tragic female with the same name Li Like!We can’t wait till we get here!Let’s see how she makes it to the next level!This life, must live natural and unrestrained happy, wonderful content: everyone so all the way silent walk, as if no one is willing to break the comfortable quiet, in the near to the breeze garden and green bamboo garden fork intersection place, Li Wanru finally heard beside Li Wanling clear wen wan voice came.”You retire first, I have something to say with two elder sister.”Her side of the servant girl back, and Moyu is not moving, just a face calmly holding Li Wanru.Li Wanling is very some impression of moyu, although the surface is not worried, but the heart is a bit of appreciation of Moyu, this servant girl not only know advance and backward, or a loyal.She did not open her mouth, but the corners of her mouth were lifted, and even her clear eyes contained a hint of a smile. The whole person was quite different from the usual wisecracking and jest.Introduction: Qin Ning wears it, dressed as the heroine in a novel, but before she can be happy, she finds herself wearing an ancient slag of cheap prose.In the original novel, the hero is romantic and morally corrupt, and the heroine is beaten by the cheating man and the mistress, which is more common.Contents: Qin Ning to don’t want to continue living in my old house, and once Qin Ning live outside, it is difficult to guarantee the suweiyi will not enter, although Lu Huanzhi know Qin Ning and su wei, two men could not have happened, but love will come in time, one thousand Qin Ning like the Soviet union, then he and his son is a real cry have no place to cry.So must see qin Ning closely, put an end to all qin Ning and Su Wei contact possible.Lu Huanzhi once again qinning into the west mountain villa, oh, but also with a drag bottle.Things have come to this point, Qin Ning can do, always can’t really call the police, the only comfort is probably her dear baby son in her side, before she was worried about not seeing her son this thing, this time her son directly to her side, of course, if you can throw the big one out, her mood will be more cool.(Click below to read it for free.) The third book: When a Student with good Grades Dresses up as a Student with bad grades.Lin Jia feel no big deal, but is to start all over again.But what’s with the carry-on system, taking away health if you don’t study hard?Well, it is not difficult to do Lin Jia, wearing a poor student’s hat to achieve all kinds of miracles.Lin Jia’s goal: to be the most powerful student with outstanding results, so that others have nothing to say.This is the story of Su Shuang, a student with excellent grades and a new life with the system.Wonderful content: only the other party saw Lin Jia has woken up, but also firmly sitting at the head of a bed, apparently some shocked, after all, this patient after the operation into a coma, has been in a vegetative state for half a month.But it is good to wake up. He was surprised and immediately told the people around him to inform the attending doctor and his family.”Hurry up and inform Director Hao that the patient is awake. Also, call the patient’s family and tell her that the patient is awake and ask her to come quickly.”The doctor’s reaction, Lin Jia feel some strange, why feel she is now like this is out of the doctor’s expectation of the situation, is her allergy very serious?Before long, the ward again came in a number of people, Lin Jia did not see chu people, a figure quickly ran to her, and then a hug her, crying loudly.”Jia Jia, you finally woke up. You scared mom to death.”(Click below to read it for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. I’m looking forward to your comments and likes!The encouragement of small brothers and sisters to small make up is the biggest power oh!