What is a good way to get rid of Internet addiction?

2022-07-21 0 By

1, parents to change the way of education.Parents and children with Internet addiction should discuss with each other like good friends, without criticism, and respect each other. They should first establish that study is the primary daily task of young children, and physical health is important for their development and development trend.Then reason out the harm of Internet addiction to young people, such as barren schoolwork, damage to physical health, online need money, and insufficient money will cultivate the habit of lying, online occupy too much time will be estranged from the truth and friendship, bad psychological state development trend.2, parents and children with Internet addiction to negotiate like good friends, without criticism, respect each other.Children’s Internet addiction is closely related to the irrationality of parent-child education, the irrationality of school moral education and the influence of poor social development culture.To let the child completely quit Internet addiction, the key is to let the child understand the harm of Internet addiction, active to avoid the Internet.Give your children enough care, but don’t spoil them.Squeeze more time to accompany children, do not care too much about children’s learning and training.When children in learning abnormal or encounter difficulties, do not blame them, to help them to recognize mistakes and correct.Give your child less blame and more encouragement to build confidence.Carry out more parent-child interaction, such as vacation travel and fitness exercises, to draw the connection between parents and children.