Has the license of the radio drama Blessed by Tianguan been sold?Book fan: the original cast of the animated version of the interpretation

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Read “Tianguan blessing” this work of everyone should have been a news brush screen recently, that is, “Tianguan blessing” radio play authorization has successfully sold the good news.For novels, the interpretation form is no longer just a few lines of text on the book. Today, with the commercialization of novels becoming increasingly mature, radio plays, TV plays, animation and comics have become the expression of novels and an important way for people to appreciate them further.And “Tianguan Blessing” radio drama copyright sales news, also caused no small storm, the following to analyze it.01 Copyright Sale There is no official announcement about the copyright sale of the radio drama, but the vast audience can still find some clues in some details, although the work “Blessing of Tianguan” is currently unavailable on the fiction website.However, the novel website to which The blessing of Tianguan belongs adds the current sale status of the book after the title of the novel in the library, and the radio drama symbol that appears after this column also raises expectations.If the site makes such an update, then the adaptation of the radio drama can be said to be a done deal.02 dubbing CV into a hot topic “Tianguan Blessing” this work itself has a considerable number of audience, coupled with the famous ink smell of copper, can be said to bring its own flow and heat.Among various derivative works of the novel, radio drama is the most widely accepted by fans of the original novel, because there is no reason to change the plot or add censored scenes, but can almost keep the highlights in the book exactly as it is.In this way, “Tianguan Blessing” after the work of radio play authorization of the biggest suspense is the PLAY’s CV flower who.After all, to be able to perform such an excellent work, for CV teachers both in terms of qualifications and recognition can be a step up.The original cast of 03 animated version and in a discussion of the voice, the selection of the original cast of the animated version of the interpretation of the highest voice.The original cast members of the animation, including Jiang Guangtao and Ma Zhengyang, are the main dubbing teachers of the animated version of The Blessing of Tianguan, which is broadcast in The Small broken station.Teacher Jiang Guangtao, as a well-known elder in dubbing field, is just right to match xie Yan’s gentle and elegant voice because of her gentle voice.Ma Zhengyang, as a rookie with rich experience, also performed well in the dubbing of the animated version of Flower City.So far, neither side has expressed any opinion on the matter, and it is not known who will get the job. So let’s wait and see who will get the CV casting for the radio drama.What do you think of the radio play Tianguan Blessing?Who are your favorite voice actors?Did you feel compelled to stick with the original cast of the animated version?Well, this issue on the chat here, I hope you can like oh, picture source network, assault delete.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and share oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful animation content oh, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message oh.