Not only xiao Zhan, Li Qin and Deng Lun Yang Yang’s gossip is also hearsay, netizens love association

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“The Sea of Dreams” after a period of slipping fans, finally big square official announcement.Xiao Zhan plays the male lead “Xiao Chunsheng” and li Qin plays the female lead.Shortly after the official announcement, there were rumors of a relationship between the two people, but there was no way to let the official account responsible for fighting fake Xiao Zhan out of the rumor, to calm the wave of public opinion.As early as last year, during the “Dream Like a Dream” tour, there were pictures of Xiao Zhan and Li Qin eating hot pot. In fact, there were other people around them. It was a simple dinner with colleagues, li Qin and the group went to support Xiao Zhan and had a meal after the concert.Xiao zhan team also came out for the first time to refute rumors, denied romance rumors.So, where is the source that Xiao Zhan and Li Qin spread gossip?The actual situation is that Xiao Zhan and Li Qin cooperation for many times, in the eyes of the outside world can create gossip artists.If you’re going to create gossip, you have to have something to back it up.So a lot of covetous net friends, began to imagine rich association.In those days li Qin and xiao Zhan are similar to a group of autumn day big make the target that gossip makes.The scenery behind two people is so similar, could it be taken in the same place?The pose is similar. Is it a couple pose?Did they take pictures of each other?Under such idea whoredom, the scandal of Xiao Zhan and Li Qin arises at the historic moment, since then uninterrupted fry to fry.Can only say that users too will associate, the entertainment industry hit photo style is very normal, with the photographer that a few, take photos similar style in common sense.Let alone artists, even net red is the same, as long as a style of fire immediately follow the wind shooting.In addition to Xiao Zhan, Li Qin and Deng Lun, Yang Yang scandal is the same.Yang Yang and Li Qin got to know each other through a Dream of New Red Mansions. At that time, they were the generation after 1990 and they got on well with each other. They were good friends.One plays “Jia Baoyu”, one plays “Xue Baochai”, is a pair of deputy CP.In the period of a Dream of New Red Mansions, the two people interact frequently and are slightly ambiguous.But I was so young that I treated them like kids, and I didn’t think anything was wrong.But rumors of a romance had developed, but unfortunately it wasn’t popular at the time and few people paid attention.The two went on to develop their careers without much socializing.Until one day two years ago, Yang Yang and Li Qin released the same style of “dark photos”, the seeds of netizens association began to germinate, how well the photos are so similar in style, is there something in the situation hinted at?Then all kinds of press reports began flying, and the rumors got more and more outrageous. There was even a rumor that they had quietly obtained a marriage license. It was nonsense.It is impossible for both parties to deny rumors through the studio and issue sealed statements to resolutely reject unreliable rumors.Say again li Qin and Deng Lun’s gossip.Their affair began with the variety show Where are We Going, Dad?In one season of the show, deng Became the single “intern dad” hired by the show.According to the program needs, Li Qin became a flying guest as “temporary practice mother” role.So Deng Lun and Li Qin become a pair temporarily in variety programs, take care of lovely “small mangosteen”.This sowed the seeds of their affair, and they began to fantasize.It’s not convincing. It’s just the setting of a variety show. It’s not what they say.As a result, their studio’s avatars helped fuel the gossip.Some netizens noticed that their studio’s avatar and background style were similar, which sparked all kinds of speculation.Is a coincidence?Is there a new collaboration?New love?Of course, guess new amour is in the majority, so that “Deng Lun Li Qin studio head” on the entertainment topic list, reading easily broken 100 million times.Pictures of similar styles can be used to create gossip. How I wish they could be together!Since then, they have changed their studio profile pictures and announced that they are single to appease the public.After this matter, Deng Lun Li Qin pays special attention to head picture problem, be afraid to regenerate trouble.The gossip of ending Li Qin is spread so that cannot be prevented from, it is the thing of catching wind and making a false impression, the film and television work that pays attention to them well just is key.