People who eat less have better thymus function

2022-07-22 0 By

Beijing, February 25 (Xinhua) — According to the Daily Mail website on February 23, scientists at Yale University in the United States said that reducing calorie intake can make a key part of the body’s immune system “more vigorous.”Adults who reduced their calorie intake by about 14 percent had better thymus function.For a woman eating 2,000 kcal a day or a man eating 2,500, 14 percent is roughly equivalent to 300 kcal.The thymus, an organ above the heart that produces disease-fighting T cells, typically ages faster than the rest of the body.Decades of research have shown that reducing caloric intake enhances thymus function in flies, worms and mice, thereby extending their lifespan.The researchers described the results as “exciting”.The study, published in the US journal Science, recruited 238 non-obese adults aged 26 to 47, with two-thirds of participants cutting back on calories.Two years later, when the researchers looked at the participants’ MRI results, they found that those who ate less had better thymus function.They also found that fat around the thymus decreased in these people, while participants on an unrestricted diet had little change.Professor Dixit, director of the Yale Center on Aging, said experiments showed that the thymus produced more T-cells after two years of caloric reduction than at the start.The study also showed that reducing caloric intake inhibits the formation of a protein called PLA2G7, which is associated with ageing.(Source: Reference)