Qingchuan: “Cheap Power” injected into beautiful countryside Construction

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“Monument engraved solid, jun Yong is the book.Do not flatter yourself with favor.”This is a comment on song Jing, a famous official in the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty, who smashed the monument, praising his noble sentiment of resisting the wind of flattery after he came to power.Now, has become guangyuan City Qingchuan County Shazhou Town Qingping village women, children and children with relish topic.County commission for discipline inspection to the Song ancestral hall as a support, the establishment of village style museum.”‘ The house is like style, the clothing is thrifty, the extravagance is flourishing, and there is the constitution of punishment. ‘ ‘The younger brother is respectful, the elder brother is in distress, the husband is loving and the wife is respectful, and the musical instrument is harmonious.’ All these are the cool and bright rustling family style of the Song family.Song Jinen, 66, a former village official, volunteered to teach the museum.He said that each old object is the carrier of qingping village thick family style.On weekends and holidays, many people come to feel the song family story, not only the village people love to listen to, but also the tourists.”Pay attention to morality, honest and trustworthy, respect the old and love the young, neighbors help each other”.In the ancient and thick village courtyard, the signs and signs of family tradition and family training can be seen everywhere. Under the influence of imperceptible influence, the villagers are simple, gentle and kind, attracting tourists from inside and outside the county to come to “punch in”.The village also established the family tradition cultural activities fellowship service team, the family tradition culture propaganda and explanation at the same time, but also in the Mid-Autumn Festival, double Ninth festival and other important traditional festivals, held “good legend” series of activities and grand sacrificial ceremony, in order to cherish the ancestors, remind the descendants filial piety clean family tradition never forget.It is understood that the county commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee in recent years the Dan culture construction concept and the integration of beautiful rural construction, through the dig local start-up culture, strong family trait culture into the country, in the construction of both internalizes the villagers positive driving force, also to the whole domain transfer and non-corrupt voice, more fresh air to build wind is political ecosystem to create a good environment.”We not only focus on quality and shape, but also focus on soul:Select 6 unique coordinates of family tradition culture, create 6 theme tour routes, such as the ‘Red Tour’ to inherit the revolutionary spirit, the ‘Breeze tour’ to realize the worship of frugality and avoid extravagance, and the ‘Menmei Tour’ to review the culture of filial piety and filial piety. Draw the tour map of Good Family Tradition, string the dots into lines to infiltrate the family tradition culture into the map of the whole county.”County discipline inspection commission supervision commission related person in charge said.”This is qingchuan red Army soldier Nie Chenglong, has participated in the lazikou, Motianling, Yan ‘an defense battle, the liberation of Shijiazhuang, Pingjin campaign and the war against the United States and aid Korea, were awarded three MEDALS, three MEDALS of freedom and independence, three MEDALS of liberation…”In the “red Tour” of Zhangjia village, Qiaozhuang town, liu Dewu, secretary of the village Party branch and director, is giving an emotional explanation to tourists.The village also carried out a party history lecture hall with the theme of “Remembering the struggle and inheriting the red gene”, and integrated the idea of “listening to the Party and feeling the party’s grace” into the village rules and regulations “Three Character Classic”, so as to inspire the masses to be good and make progress continuously.With the joint efforts of the cadres and the masses of the village, Zhangjia Village, once forgotten, has become a “new look” in the construction of beautiful countryside, realizing the beauty of the village, prosperity of industry, family wealth, harmony and harmony, and was rated as the first batch of “four good” new villages in the province.It is understood that with more and more cadres and the masses on the “journey of good gossip”, in imperceptible, lian shang lian atmosphere is becoming a shade.”Family style culture in the party style, promote the people’s style, conduct new style has a strong inspiring role, the next step, we will continue to ‘good gossip’ activities as the focus, innovation of publicity means, enrich the cultural carrier, for the beautiful village construction into more ‘cheap power’.”County party committee standing committee, county discipline inspection committee secretary, county supervision Committee director Luo Chao said.Source: Clean Sichuan website editor Chen Yangping