Today!The strongest rain and snow since the year of the Tiger!Xi ‘an issued an emergency notice

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From February 5 to 7, the Middle East region of China will see the biggest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger.This process has the characteristics of wide range, large magnitude, complex rain and snow phase, local freezing rain, the impact will affect more than 20 provinces, regions and cities, hunan, Hubei, Anhui and other parts of the region will have a heavy snowstorm, the local heavy snowstorm in southeast Xizang.A wide range of rain and snow cover parts of more than 20 provinces have a large central meteorological station is expected to blizzard, February 5 solstice 7, northwest, north to the south of the west, the south and west huanghuai and there will be a large scale in most regions of rain and snow weather process, rain and snow line in northern yunnan, guizhou north and south, south west line;Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and other parts of the region will have heavy snowfall, jiangnan, South China will have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain.There was freezing rain in eastern Guizhou and western Hunan.1. The intensity of rain and snow is strong: this round of rain and snow is expected to be stronger than the first round of low temperature rain and snow in southern China since the Year of the Tiger (from January 31 to February 3).Southwest Hunan, south central Anhui and northwest Zhejiang local snowstorm, accumulative snowfall 3 ~ 8 mm, local up to 10 ~ 15 mm, new snow depth of 2 ~ 5 cm, local up to 8 ~ 12 cm.(2) Large range of rain and snow: the previous several rounds of rain and snow process mainly affected the south, but this process affected more than 20 provinces, regions and cities, the northern boundary of snow will reach Gansu, Ningxia, northern Shaanxi, central Shanxi, central Henan, a very wide range of influence, complex rain and snow phase.The snow weather coincides with the return peak on the evening of February 4, Shaanxi Province meteorological Observatory issued a special report on Spring Festival travel meteorological service affected by the plateau trough moving east, there was a rain and snow weather process in most areas of our province from February 5 to 7, most of northern Shaanxi has small to medium snow, guanzhong, southern Shaanxi has sleet or medium to heavy snow.There will be a large area of light rain and snow in our province from February 10 to 11.The specific forecast is as follows: February 5: cloudy day in the whole province, scattered light snow in the western part of northern Shaanxi, light snow or sleet in the western and southern parts of Guanzhong, light rain or sleet in Hanzhong and Ankang, light snow in Shangluo, and moderate snow in some parts of qinba mountains.Most of southern Shaanxi down about 4℃.Traffic in the following sections may be affected by rain and snow weather then xi ‘an also issued an urgent notice ▼ xian production safety committee office issued by the urgent notice completes the recent snow and freezing weather defense work today (February 4), xi ‘an, so issued an urgent notice, request all departments at all levels actively increase the recent snow and freezing weather defense work.According to the meteorological department’s forecast, xi ‘an will see rain and snow from February 5 to 7 due to the combined influence of plateau trough and southerly warm and humid air flow, the notice said.The rain, snow and cooling weather affected a wide range, a large drop in temperature, and the Spring Festival return peak, all kinds of disasters, accidents prone.Meteorological departments should attach great importance to the monitoring and early warning of rain, snow and low-visibility weather as well as meteorological services, track and analyze weather situations and changing trends, and timely and accurately release forecast and early warning information.We need to increase the frequency of monitoring, strengthen overlapping monitoring, forecasting and early warning services, and strive to improve the precision, accuracy and advance of weather forecasts of severe and high-impact disasters such as rain, snow, freezing, fog and snowstorm.Through mobile phone text messages, radio, television, community electronic display screens, the Internet and other channels, the first time to release meteorological warning information to the public, remind the public to pay attention to traffic safety, pay attention to temperature changes.All levels and departments should establish a monitoring and early warning information sharing mechanism with meteorological departments, release monitoring and early warning information precisely at the first time, and do a good job of prevention and response.Ensuring Traffic and Urban safety Departments of transportation, urban management, public security, emergency management and meteorology at all levels shall immediately launch emergency response mechanisms, consult with each other in a timely manner, and strengthen coordination and cooperation to strictly prevent road traffic safety accidents.Special attention should be paid to prevent the adverse impact of slippery roads, snow and ice, low visibility on traffic travel, do a good job of road patrol, on sharp curves and steep slopes, tunnel entrances and exits, bridge deck and continuous downhill, poor visibility and other dangerous sections of normal snow and ice removal, set up warning signs;Scientific adjustment of transport plans and passenger flights to avoid large areas of transport vehicle congestion, large areas of passengers stranded phenomenon;Do a good job in the safety of dangerous chemical transport vehicles;Strengthen construction site safety management, implement rain and snow weather safety management measures.Other relevant departments and units shall, in accordance with their duties and relevant pre-plan requirements, take precautions against rain, snow and low-visibility weather.All departments at all levels should strengthen response to rain and snow, implement safety measures, and ensure people’s production and life.Emergency cold protection measures should be taken for poor households and homeless people.Departments in charge of electric power, heat supply, water supply, communications and supply of agricultural products should strengthen their operation, guarantee and dispatch, and ensure the market supply of daily necessities such as grain, oil, non-staple food and vegetables that are closely related to the people, as well as the supply of electricity, water, heat and gas, so as to ensure people’s production and life.We should pay close attention to the latest forecast and early warning information, keep warm and travel safety, and guard against the risk of colds, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Earnestly to do a good job of emergency preparedness and the information submitted at all levels should earnestly implement the duty system, strictly follow the system for 24 hours on duty and leadership shift, pay close attention to weather changes, timely grasp the rainfall regime snow disasters, in case of emergency and important emergency, fast properly in accordance with the relevant regulations and emergency disposal, may not be leaders, omission, conceal.Fire and rescue departments at all levels and relevant rescue teams should do their best to make emergency preparations, immediately go out in case of disaster and danger, and resolutely safeguard the safety of people’s lives and property.Ministry of Public Security urgent reminder:The wide range of rain and snow weather process and the Spring Festival travel peak time overlap the public in return need to pay close attention to weather changes prevent slippery road, snow, ice and other adverse effect ▼ ▼ ▼ pieces the rain and snow weather process spread more than 20 provinces and cities, and in the Spring Festival return overlap, the driver needs to pay attention to the weather forecast warning information in time, the route planning in advance, reasonable arrangement,Try to avoid roads affected by rain or snow.The snowstorm may lead to temporary control measures on some expressway sections. Drivers should pay attention to the traffic control information issued by the public security traffic management department in the areas affected by the snowstorm in advance and adjust their travel plans in time.Check the wiper before going out to ensure that it can work properly;If the window fogs on the way, the wind can be adjusted to the mode of defogging, open the cold or warm wind, disperse the fog (note: the fog will be thicker at the beginning of the warm wind defogging, to choose a safe place to stop after the fog, to be clear vision before driving on the road);At the same time, attention should be paid to the rational use of lights, timely turn on the headlights, profiler lights and rear lights.◆ Rain and snow wet road, need to reduce the speed, increase the distance with the car, driving process to avoid rapid acceleration, brake, hit the direction;When going through curves, slow down in advance and play the direction slowly;In driving, try to reduce the back and forth parallel and overtaking, try to choose to follow the car, to avoid frequent operation to increase the probability of accidents.◆ Keep in mind the 9 words “pull over, evacuate, call the police” to prevent secondary accidents.If the vehicle has an accident or failure and cannot move, it is necessary to continue to turn on the lights and danger alarm flash, and place a warning sign at a distance greater than 150 meters behind the vehicle.If visibility is low, the distance can be further extended to 200 meters, so that the next car as soon as possible to avoid.The occupants of the vehicle should evacuate to safe areas in time, and call the police and wait.Rain and snow are coming. Please drive safely and safely.Source: Shaanxi Guangdian Rong Media Group · Qidian News