What men do when they see you as an outsider: “Cold”

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In everyone’s heart, there is a door.When love comes, man and woman’s heart door, will quietly open for each other.Zhang Xiaoxian said: “Some people are doomed to wait for others, some people are doomed to be waited for.”Among thousands of people, meet the one you like, this is a rare and rare fate.And so coincidental he also likes you, is a great happiness.If a man falls in love with a woman, he will open his heart, hoping that she can understand him more fully and understand him.At the same time, he will make an effort to let the woman know how important she is in his world.But love, like food, can go bad if it is not kept properly.When a man falls out of love and takes back his heart, he will become very cold.It makes a woman feel like she’s out of his world.Men tend to be “cold” when they regard a woman as an “outsider”.Don’t care, in fact, is not love a person can not help but give her warm, give her care.I hope I can take good care of her life and bring her happiness and sweetness.Love a person, will be through the model of care, love.The more people love you, will care about you in every detail of life.Only people who don’t love you don’t care about you.What you feel, what you feel, is none of his business.Because in his mind, you are not that important, that irreplaceable.When a man, do not care about you, but only accept your good, in fact, because of not enough love you.He only accepts your kindness because he needs someone to treat him well.He just lusts after the care and warmth you give him, and when you need him to respond, he will avoid it.When a man is always cold to you, never willing to take the initiative to show the slightest concern, it proves that he treats you as an insignificant outsider.About the future plan, very cold man does not love a woman, his future, without her.Xu Zhimo wrote in the poem: “Walking, scattered, memories are faded;Turn head to discover, you disappeared, suddenly I disorderly.”Like a person, is to want to have a future with her.Some men, in love, although not a word about the future, but will step by step to struggle.Try every step of the way for the woman you love.However, if a man doesn’t have you, then when you ask him about their future with longing and expectation, he will give an ambiguous and ambiguous response.Because, he dare not give you any promise, also do not have any plan about you.Because you are not important enough, so in his future, without you.If a man can include you in his future plans, then you must be indispensable to his life.Because, he hopes life road, can support each other with you, mutual warmth.Don’t like you, will be indifferent to your coming and going, indifferent to your joys and sorrows, and he has never thought to make every effort to stay with you.04, quarrel, very “cold” feeling is good, a quarrel is very clear.Two people who care about each other, even if it is a quarrel, will have a line and limit.People in love, quarrel also know how to grasp the sense of proportion, will not hurt the fundamental.And will calm down after each other, calmly find out the most fundamental reason, put forward the most effective solution.If the other person doesn’t care about you, a little conflict can lead to a big argument.He doesn’t take your feelings into account and only wants to get the upper hand in an argument.Don’t love you, all your actions seem to be wrong.For example: your reasonable appeal, he regarded as unreasonable;Your well-meaning reminder was misinterpreted by him as disrespecting his lifestyle;And all your support and accommodation is evidence that you don’t have your own ideas, that you’re not independent enough.Even the tone of your voice was jarring to his ears.People who do not love you, in the intimate relationship, a trace of dislike and dissatisfaction, will slowly ferment expansion.Finally, it becomes a shadow that cannot be ignored by the mind, constantly creating all kinds of conflicts.People like you, when you are not happy, will spend their minds to coax you;In an argument, he is willing to be soft and considerate of your feelings.The man who truly loves you always feels that he doesn’t love you enough and is not good enough for you.Therefore, in many aspects, willing to give you more tolerance and understanding 05, smell the autumn Sound of message men when you “outsiders” will be some appearance, from the bones, let you feel “cold”.Charles Dickens said, “No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won’t make you cry.When you get along with the person you like, you only feel cold and frustrated. It only means that you are an outsider without weight in his heart.When a man has a person in his heart, he is full of expectation.When he saw the woman he loved, he was filled with joy and exultation and could not hide it.Because I love you, I hope your world will always be a spring bloom, always happy and happy, because your happiness and warmth can bring him happiness and love.And those who do not love you will turn a blind eye to you and be indifferent to you.In the world of feelings, you can never move a person who does not love you, just like you can never wake up a fool.If, the man does not love you, the woman should know how to stop the loss in time, do not continue to torture themselves in this hopeless waiting.-END- About the author: I live by words.Autumn wind cook rain, a cup of sake, in two stories, in the lonely road with you.