Woman: After her divorce

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Wen 〡 xiao Wanya map 〡 brother painting CAI Yun recently very angry, not because of their own, but for the mother-in-law CAI Yun although this year has been 45 years old, but has been like a little girl, not only by the husband Xue shuai pet princess, no daughter’s mother-in-law is to see her as his own, like his own daughter pain, almost do not let her suffer the least bit of injustice.Her mother-in-law, who was hard to find with a lantern, divorced at the age of 77.CAI Yun mother-in-law bestie name Wang Meilan, as its name, when young Peugeot like a flower.In his twenties, he married Xue Shuai’s father and gave birth to Xue Jun and Xue Shuai two brothers in three years. Although he did not look forward to the daughter he always wanted, the family of four lived quite happy.Days can be unpredictable, Xue dad is in the mine to do accounting work, according to the truth is not under the mine, but Xue Dad studious, have nothing to take the risk of mine to understand the actual production.Soon after a mine, a sudden gas explosion, Xue Dad unfortunately killed!Xue Jun was 4, Xue Shuai was 2 and Wang Meilan was 30.The widows and orphans, though subsidized by the mines, still had a hard time.Because Meilan is beautiful and capable, her relatives and friends often advised her to find another one while she was young.But looking at the two young children, Meilan bit her lips and shook her head firmly. She did not want her children to suffer any injustice.Until Xue Jun 21 years old to work, Xue Shuai is 19 years old, once the leadership of Xue Dad Yobo widowed, he is two years older than Meilan.Therefore, the mine enthusiastic elder sisters are restless, busy to help two people pull a bridge.At this point, Meilan looked at her two sons, who were already independent, and felt it was time to let go and let the children no longer have worries.To the mother’s remarriage, Xue Jun and Xue Shuai support very, 17 come and go, namely when father and mother difficulties and hardships, the brothers see the most clearly.They know that no matter how filial they are, there are regrets they can’t make up for.Therefore, the brothers not only did not put down the responsibility of taking care of their mother, but also with the stepfather also filial like father, they hoped that he could be better to their mother, and better.But not everyone sees eye to eye.Yopo has two daughters who were adults when his wife died, one just starting work and the other in his third year of college.When they heard that their father wanted to remarry, their first reaction was to oppose it. Their idea was that their father was already in his early 50s, and at this time he wanted a stepmother.They thought so, but they couldn’t really say so. The two warm-hearted sisters, who had repeatedly broken the threshold with excuses and excuses, were finally persuaded by a wise warm-hearted sister who read their thoughts and urged them:”Do you think, when you go to work and have a family, and your father is home alone, if one of you gets a headache, you’ll be able to come back in time to take care of him?That aunt Wang married here to help you take good care of your father, you work and live outside, isn’t the rest assured?”After much thought, the two daughters agreed to the marriage.After this, Wang Meilan and Youbo have been stable for 30 years, during the period, Xue Jun and Xue Shuai two brothers get married, the daughter-in-law also know the book up to the ceremony, treat mother-in-law and after dad, the same filial piety.Her mother-in-law, Wang Meilan, thought her life had finally come to an end, and she could keep a happy distance from her son and daughter-in-law and share her love.After all, everything is not as perfect as imagined……This year, Yubo 79, according to local custom, is 80 years old.Xue handsome boy two early to the father prepared a big gift, the other’s two daughters also arranged the banquet in advance, plus grandchildren, sat a big table full.The don’s birthday had been the toast of the group at first, but two glasses had gone by before the two daughters started talking about his fortune and his will, which had made the dinner so dull that any fool could have read between the lines.Meilan is very kind. Although she has paid 30 years for You’s family, she doesn’t want You bo to be caught between her and her children.After the birthday party, she filed for divorce without asking for anything, taking half the value of a house they had bought together.She didn’t want to bother her son and daughter-in-law, but decided to rent a house for the rest of her life with the hundreds of thousands of dollars she got from housing and her own little pension.But after CAI Yun heard, which li Ken yi?Don’t say peacetime mother-in-law to its with his own daughter, even if the relationship between ordinary mother-in-law, also can’t put her so old age also a person living outside.So, also too late angry CAI Yun mother-in-law received his home, packed up a usually not very live guest room as her mother-in-law’s exclusive room, the eldest daughter-in-law is active to assume the obligation to pay alimony.Moved, Meilan offered to give half of the money to CAI Yun and the other half to her eldest daughter-in-law. The two daughters-in-law pushed each other, but neither of them would take it.Finally in the mother-in-law 100 thousand insist, two people each received a gold bracelet given by the mother-in-law, originally a pair.Everything is settled properly, Yubo’s phone is one after another, he regrets his impulse to choose to agree to divorce, so many years Meilan is really good without words.It is this phone call, let CAI Yun think of to be angry is not born, can let her swear to such an old man, scold, she also can’t do it, after all, usually good to her.All she did was put up with her mother-in-law, and it was like 30 years of free babysitting.Meilan thought very open, she had remarried just do not want to add contradictions, to the son of trouble and burden, now see the two daughters-in-law so sensible, filial piety to her, than to give her anything, she is very satisfied……CAI Yun looked at her mother’s loving smile and finally understood her heart