Sun Ce skin two levels of reversal, 1 day time to sell into “explosive”, really is real gold is not afraid of fire refining

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Here we need to apologize to Sun Ce skin, need to apologize to king of Glory official Tianmei, because we misunderstood them.Where to begin?In February 14, the official exposure of the legend of Sun Ce, skin can be said to be one-sided reputation, all players are scolding this skin are scolding day beauty said in cutting leeks.After seeing the skin effects at the time, I also felt that this skin was worth an epic price at best.So I couldn’t resist making fun of it, but what none of us expected was that the skin turned upside down when it hit the shelves.Would you believe me if I told you that sun Ce’s skin was cursed before it hit the shelves and bought after it hit the shelves?So let’s verify that with the data, and you can see on the top, on the left, before the dark skin was on the shelf, and on the right, after the skin was on the shelf for a day.His appearance rate was 16.50 percent a day before the skin hit the shelves, but this skin has increased his appearance rate to 21 percent in just one day.The most important thing is that his appearance rate has increased, while his win rate has not decreased, which shows a problem, which means that the players who buy this skin will play sun Ce as a hero more or less, or usually play Sun Ce as a hero.Then let me show you another picture. This picture is the total sales list of skin on official shelves recently. Princess Yaoyao ranked first and Luna’s encore skin ranked second.The third place is the skin of Nezha and the fourth place is the skin of Sun Ce.Legend skins are generally harder to sell, and I’m talking here about epic skins, which are more expensive.You can see lu Ban’s legendary skin, everyone is praised, you can see his skin sales just how high, you now look at Sun Ce’s skin, his skin sales has surpassed Lu Ban, indicating that the quality of this skin is really hard.So how does this skin do the two-step inversion?What are its advantages?The first is its price, although it is said that legend skin is more expensive than epic skin, but the price of legend skin is also divided into two kinds, one is 1788 point coupons, one is 1688 point coupons, and Sun Ce’s legend skin is the lower one.If you have a coupon, the price of this skin will be 1250 points, which is 10 yuan cheaper than the legendary skin of Princess Yaoyao. Don’t underestimate the 100 points. It is an illusion for players to sell that this skin is much cheaper than the ordinary legendary skin.The price advantage is one, the second advantage is its special effects, didn’t we say that the special effects are not good?That’s because we can only look at it, not experience it, because a lot of skin you have to feel it.Just after this skin hit the shelves, many players may already know that they can experience the skin for the first time in the training camp, so I am also the first time to appreciate the charm of this new skin.At the beginning of the feeling is also so, but when the release of the big move, if you played Sun Ce, you and I should feel the same, whether you release the big move, on board or off the ship, there is a light feeling.All in all, when you use this skin, it does have a silky feel.Is the so-called real gold does not fear the fire, if the quality of a skin it official confidence in him, so no matter how players, official will not to make any changes, just like players before poking fun at a skin, the official will be in stores before the optimization, and the skin is not, must have the official is also to the skin has a very big confidence.