Wande Town, Wuding County, has taken several measures to ensure spring farming

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(correspondent Su Ailin Li Ruiyun) Wuding County Wande town early arrangements, early planning, early action, careful deployment, with industrial structure adjustment, agricultural project construction as the focus, town and village cadres and the masses together to calculate investment account, seek to get rich, take a number of measures, actively do a good job in the service to ensure the smooth production of spring farming.Promote spring farming widely.Each village organizes the meeting of head of household, promulgate agricultural and rural policy, industrial adjustment prospect.Using street day to distribute all kinds of publicity materials more than 850 copies, emphasizing the production safety issues, and constantly increase the publicity and implementation of the policy of benefiting and strengthening agriculture, improve farmers’ enthusiasm for planting, quickly set off a boom of spring farming.At the same time, we will strengthen the monitoring and forecast of agricultural diseases and insect pests, timely analyze and grasp the occurrence trend of various diseases and insect pests, and timely provide farmers with information on the prevention and control of various diseases and insect pests.Technical guidance to help spring ploughing.To carry out the technical guidance system, along with eight employees three township agricultural extension organization of county-rural cadres of village village and household, to the fields to aid in the production of spring, to help farmers check’s, moisture content, plant diseases and insect pests, guiding farmers from place to place, because, because when the good soil, fertilizer and water management and the prevention and control of diseases and pests, raise the level of farmers’ scientific farming.This year, Wande town plans to plant more than 12,000 acres of corn, 5,300 acres of rice, and 9,000 acres of flue-cured tobacco.At present, the town has completed land consolidation of 10000 mu.Make good reserves to protect spring ploughing.Organize town agriculture and rural service center staff and village cadres of the whole town’s spring farming agricultural production situation and the situation of agricultural resources storage to find out the bottom of the investigation, to achieve a targeted work.Actively coordinate with agricultural sales points to reserve seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural film and other agricultural materials needed for spring ploughing production.Up to now, the town maintenance, debugging agricultural machinery and tools more than 1000 sets, reserves more than 400 tons of fertilizer, all kinds of seeds more than 20 tons.Agricultural materials strike false protect spring ploughing.Wande joint law enforcement, and actively organize relevant departments to carry out, with emphasis on the seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural materials market activities, special inspection regulation of inputs, especially seeds, fertilizers, pesticides spot check and inspection, strict investigation counterfeit agricultural materials, purify the agricultural capital market, to ensure that during the spring agricultural materials supply is out of stock, sale, price.