Xieji Town, Liangyuan District: Highlight local characteristics and depict a beautiful picture of ecological livable

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Henan county economic network Shangqiu news (Huang Bo correspondent Li Minshan) spring is beautiful, the grass is long and warbler flies.Recently, entered the shangqiu liangyuan town zhan xie tower village, greeted by a clean spacious streets straight first evanescing village culture on the square a few elderly people in the use of fitness equipment, leisure exercise, on the other side of the yellow XinZhuang Village party-mass service center is decorate concise, but with good surrounding the village enjoys a good reputation of “the sun rose” grape picking garden leisure,On both sides of his face covered with vines were first on the buds, the entire courtyard neat and orderly, gaze at each road both are planting varieties PuTaoMiao, become beautify the ecological environment, building features livable rural, a beautiful scene to increase the economic income of villagers, and set off out of the village spring busy in the production of autumn was a good life.In the past two months, Xieji Town seriously in accordance with the requirements of henan Province to carry out the centralized renovation of rural living environment action plan, combined with the “clean, green, bright, beautiful” “four-step” work strategy, closely around the local conditions, outstanding characteristics, demonstration and guidance, promote the overall work ideas,In the town of 25 administrative villages 82 natural villages solid, steady and high standards to promote the implementation of the “green up” work, and achieved phased results, in the town of each village painted a beautiful green new picture with industrial characteristics and local customs.”In the past, most of the uninhabited old house foundations in the village were collapsed walls and houses, lacking doors and Windows, overgrown weeds and piles of garbage, which not only affected the overall image of the village and restricted the high-quality development of the beautiful village, but also wasted land resources to varying degrees and brought serious security risks.Recently, county-rural two-stage actively launched by the masses of party members and cadres and peasants were involved, fanfare, and push the ‘vigorous six qing governance disorderly’ activities, and in the streets Lin Yinhua, courtyard flower, whole greening principles behind the house, forge a seam in the green, can green, green, YiGuo fruit, YiLinZeLin,A new pattern of rural development featuring flowers in spring, shade in summer, fruit in autumn and green in winter has been formed.The ans village has invested in a high standard of ecological comprehensive renovation of the village ponds, not only purify the water quality, repair the fence, surrounding planting green and has become a good place for villagers to enjoy the scenery of leisure.”The town of xiaozhuang village has a retired old village dry happy to meet people said.In a clampdown on deepening the rural residential environment centralized, the town party committee government improve stance, innovative ideas, meticulous planning, substantial work, step targeted strong, the main leaders of the town when the commanders and fighters, the maximum work side-by-side with the village cadres and peasants, a report, a schedule on Monday, a day a month,All staff grasp implementation.Focus around 82 natural villages industrial advantages, and the characteristics of the local amorous feelings, concentrate was carried out by the “green” and idle land reuse, many natural villages highlights characteristic to create, make use of the village head corners, of vacant land behind the house to build a small garden, small orchard, small garden, park, etc., see seam green, vegetable, melon and fruit, trees and flowers and plants,To create a small ecological plate, a unique style of green beauty has been presented in front of people.At the same time, the town government has also carried out “ingenuity” to build the “small park” in the town, upgrading some infrastructure, improving the service function and planting green scenery, striving to create an ideal place for the town residents to enjoy leisure and entertainment, fitness and scenery.Debris in the countryside during the work, the town village household careful screening requirements county-rural cadres adhere to the registration, on the basis of the fully solicit opinions from the peasants, adopt mechanical and artificial and use combination, and demolition and working mode, great efforts to promote the ruins concentration regulation, aims to break the bottleneck, of low level of beautiful country ascending slowlyScientific and reasonable use of rural land resources, focus on affects village CunMao old homestead with “kung fu” embroidered into a ecological beautiful beautiful scenery, grass-roots party members and cadres and the masses of the people through long practical heavy dry, ZhenRong ZhenMao, village CunMao have greatly improved, ecological livable environment quality, remarkable increase of people’s happiness and satisfaction,It has also injected “positive energy” into the effective implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.