Auspicious green jinhang house glass color is too special package balcony owners buy difficult to pass

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Ms. Liu has a new apartment in Linping, Hangzhou.She said that recently the community began to contract the balcony, they also contacted the construction team to come to install.Can not enter the gate was stopped by the property.Ms. Liu’s new house is in Hangzhou xiangsheng lvdu Jinhang Residential district.She said at the end of last month, the owners of the community approved the balcony package plan.She made French Windows outside and asked the construction team to install them.”When we pulled in, neither the glass nor the iron frame that covered the balcony was allowed to be pulled in.”The property’s reason for not letting the construction team in, Ms. Liu said, was that the color of the glass and aluminum alloy did not match the original facade.This situation has been encountered by many owners looking for construction teams outside.Mr. Zhao, the owner, said, “The color of the glass in our community is very special. You can’t buy it in hangzhou or even Zhejiang.I made glass once and found that the color was not the same. After the second purchase, they still thought it was not ok.If it is not the developer’s original supplier of glass, basically there is a problem.””The property management did not say what is mandatory, but as long as you use this one at the gate of our community, as long as you use their materials, no one will stop you.But if we call the construction team outside, we can’t even get in the gate.We have Windows removed, we live on the ninth floor and we have children.”Owner Liu said.In response, Tang, director of Jinhang Government Service Center of Xiangbiological Industry, said, “Every owner has an agreement to seal the balcony, and it is clearly stated in the agreement that the security of the community has the right to block the inconsistent color materials.I showed you the photos just now, the color comparison.You can see it’s quite obvious. It’s quite different. It’s blue when it’s on the wall.”Tang said that the vendor at the entrance of the community is the developer’s supplier, but it is not mandatory for owners to choose.Reporter on two owners home looked, Ms. Liu said, the small window on both sides is to look for the construction team to do, the balcony glass door is the original development business.Looking at Mr. Zhao’s home, the glass color and developers seem to be close to the original, but the property side or let him paste film.Owners, property standards seem to be biased towards sex.”Their price was 1,180 yuan, but when we used another brand, it was only 800 yuan per square meter.He is now stuck us, you can do outside, but the color of the glass is not the same will not let you in.”Liu’s husband said.In this regard, Xiang Biological industry Tang said, “we have never forced you to go to buy, we have never said.As long as the glass color is consistent with the facade color, it is ok.(I have a bit of a doubt, they say 90% want to die, it’s all subjective, they don’t have a figure.)The color you can see is different, so it’s definitely not consistent.Is there any judgment?”Tang said that he was only responsible for the order management of the community, for the owners of the question can not do other answers.Feedback will be given to superiors and developers.As of press time, the reporter did not receive the relevant reply.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: