Bazhou rage getaway driver!Monitoring and exposure process

2022-08-06 0 By

According to the net friend Mr Wang said: “I now live in shengfang, 20 at 8 PM on January 28, I parked the car on the way – rich some Internet cafes doorway, just next to the upstairs to find my friend to get something, after also said in the two sentences, for about 10 minutes, I will think about driving home, when I went downstairs, my car was hit, large area of the body were damaged.I ran to the store that opened next door to check the cameras.I found that at 8:22, a black car hit my car. After the collision, the owner drove forward for a while and then stopped the car. He got out and looked at the left front of his car.Now my rear axle and wheels are damaged. At that time, I knocked out half of the wheels directly. The 4S shop was not open, so I don’t know how much it will cost to repair.Even if the driver left me a phone number after the crash, I felt a little relieved.I don’t blackmail people. Just get my car fixed.So a run the other party did not become a hit-and-run, this big New Year’s occurrence of this kind of thing, the in the mind also quite uncomfortable.I hope the other party can timely contact me, or to the traffic police department to surrender, and I negotiate to solve the problem.It is also hoped that anyone with information, or information from the scene, will call in with information.My phone number: 185777775,15232146666.