What is dear to you is dear to you

2022-08-06 0 By

Children should do their best to prepare for what parents like and what parents dislike. Children should be careful to get rid of (including their own bad habits) what parents dislike.In daily life, we should pay attention everywhere, always care about, every word and action should take parents as the main consideration.To observe carefully from food and clothing, so that the parents of good food is not lack, according to the four seasons to change clothes, sleep to make it comfortable, action someone to support;I will love what my parents love. I will respect what my parents love. I will do what my parents want.Read parents’ aspirations, parents’ needs, this is the true filial piety.On the contrary, when we have a bad idea, such as speaking of greed, from the heart of fighting with others and bad learning progress, all kinds of bad ideas, this is sorry parents ah!These we must carefully remove, so this filial piety from the little drops to develop.