Wuzhishan fire protection set off the Spring Festival fire propaganda upsurge

2022-08-06 0 By

Hainan network, audio and video Hainan guest end on January 30 news (reporter Li Qi correspondent Cen Dongmei) with the arrival of the Spring Festival, the number of returning people, rural fire, electricity consumption increased, the incidence of fire increased.In order to popularize fire safety knowledge, improve the coverage of fire propaganda, enhance the public’s awareness of fire safety and self-defence and self-rescue ability, On January 30, Wuzhishan city fire rescue brigade joint volunteers to carry out village to household fire publicity activities, “ring” the holiday fire alarm.Fire propagandist side issue “home fire manual”, “community rural fire control propaganda handbook”, “electric bicycle fire control propaganda handbook” and other promotional materials, and the residents on the rural households with fire safety considerations, electric bicycle, charging, alarms, fire escape skills such as the proper way to fire common sense, to remind the villagers reasonable pile up straw and firewood,Strengthen the children set off fireworks care, timely regular maintenance of electrical lines, go out to do “three clearance three customs”.The publicist patiently answered residents’ questions one by one.Fire propagandists also guide villagers to self-check and rectify fire hazards in their homes, and put up fire propaganda posters on rural bulletin boards and cultural walls to integrate fire propaganda into rural life, so that passing residents can pay attention to and learn fire protection in a subtle way.Through the launch of the “village to household” publicity activities, truly make the masses of the people “face to face” to feel the fire, pay attention to the fire, learn fire, better enhance the family members of self fire safety awareness.Next, Wuzhishan Fire will continue to organize and carry out various forms of novel fire safety publicity activities during the Spring Festival, further strengthen the strength and breadth of publicity and education, so that the area of the people safely through the Spring Festival.